#HOLOS OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGN: Let's build a blockchain-based quantum operating system together to harmoniously manage Plane

#HOLOS OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGN: Let's build a blockchain-based quantum operating system together to harmoniously manage Planet Earth THE HOLISTIC PARADIGM - PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS - MACROSHIFT

By rodese | Crypto ideas | 13 Feb 2022

#HOLOS OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGN: Let's build a blockchain-based quantum operating system together to harmoniously manage Planet Earth

Synchronicity and synergy: the great wave of global consciousness

The new planetary consciousness - understood as the awareness of being integral parts of a complex and delicate network of relationships that embraces every living being on Earth - develops spontaneously and takes shape in the last decades, exponentially extending into every area of ​​contemporary culture, and thus becoming a sort of central point of aggregation of the new emerging holistic culture. Planetary consciousness - according to most of the most attentive observers - is also the key to resolving the dramatic situation of ecosystem, social and cultural crisis, which is essentially caused by a fragmentary conception, that is, by a deleterious lack of global vision. Hence the admonition "think globally, act locally".

Today "planetary consciousness" is synonymous with awareness of the entire living ecosystem, planetary ecology, sustainability, environmental awareness, orientation to international peace, systemic scientific conception, responsibility for the protection of planetary human, ethnic and animal rights. and religious, holistic medicine and global health of man and the planet, of unitary and trans-religious spiritual evolution, of world music and fusion of cultures and arts, of market globalization and ethical economy, of global communication networks , of the Internet as the cybernetic nervous system of the planet, as the "global brain of Gaia", of human growth, of global education in responsibility and tolerance, in a word of a global village that represents the realization of planetary consciousness, the dream of the whole humanity: a world of peace, multi-ethnic, free and tolerant, of unlimited exchanges and knowledge, of universal spirituality ale.

These instances, strongly present and active in every field of knowledge, are the living and creative matrix of the culture of the third millennium. The human drive to achieve a new global state of society in harmony with the planet is today an indispensable condition for millions of people on Earth. Reaching this vision is a leap of enormous importance for the entire culture, but above all for human social and spiritual evolution. For these reasons, the "Manifesto in the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness" proposed by the Club of Budapest and the "Earth Charter" presented by all non-governmental organizations present at the Rio Earth Summit, signed and signed by Nobel Peace Laureates, scientists , artists, associations and people of every nation, certainly represent one of the most significant and noble contributions of our time.

The reunification of all cultures in a single planetary culture is an epochal process that will probably continue for centuries, perhaps for millennia, but already today it is possible to enjoy its living reality by participating directly in its realization in every area of ​​knowledge and daily life. .

The concept of planetary consciousness then finds fundamental support and scientific confirmation in Jim Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis, which considers the planet as a great consciousness - Gaia precisely or Gea, Goddess of the Earth - a "global brain" made up of the intelligence of all living organisms on the planet, capable of balance, creativity and beauty. Unfortunately, in this great living intelligence, current man collectively behaves like an unconscious and arrogant destroyer, instead of constituting the most evolved and self-conscious part of the entire system. Lovelock, like numerous other thinkers of the new emerging culture, believes that the human being needs a leap towards a more global and unitary conception of himself and the planet, and that the leap is about to happen.

Writers such as Isaac Asimov, in his book The Edge of the Foundation, (in the chapter Landing on Gaia) describes a planet named "Gaia" in which all beings, minerals, plants, animals and humans have reached the level of planetary consciousness, and thus they participate, albeit in their limited individuality, in the well-being and collective mind of the planet.

Recently, the extraordinary development of the Internet has also greatly accelerated the knowledge and unification of thousands of national and international associations that work for planetary well-being in different fields of activity. Numerous scholars attribute to the Internet the role of a rapidly evolving nervous network, of "planetary brain", of "Netropolis", of "Cyberia", of "CyberGaia".

Following the holographic hypothesis according to which the human brain and the planet are in profound relationship, we consider the implications of neurophysiological research on highly coherent states and the development of human potential linked to the process of planetary evolution. It is hypothesized that the current state of global-individual fragmentation originates, at the psychoneurophysiological level, from a fragmentation of the various brain activities, while the unitary consciousness, the "cybernetic fourth density", arises from a synergistic and harmonious brain. With the experiments on the Buddhafield, our research has confirmed that when people in a state of self-consciousness feel "united", a "psi field" or "collective consciousness field" is created between them, which manifests itself as synchronization of the various brains. . When more people enter a state of mutual empathy, even without knowing each other, a flow of information passes between one brain and another and consciences are intimately interconnected. It is essential to remember that the unitary state of consciousness brings with it an experience of peace, fulfillment, harmony with oneself, with others and with the environment, and that when many people meditate or work together, linked by a sense of brotherhood, the individual experience is greatly intensified.

But if the synchronization between some people is the bearer of these feelings and moods, what could happen if thousands of people meditated and tune in together as during religious ceremonies or great moments in history? And what could happen if millions or billions of human beings individually entered a state of self-awareness and synchronized themselves? It really seems appropriate to ask what could be the result of a mass meditation, of a collective awareness that connected thousands of human beings, linked by the same consciousness of being planetary citizens; probably our instruments would record a great wave, an ocean wave of consciousness, the electroencephalographic concretization of planetary consciousness.

When several people are in a state of synchronization with each other, the lost energy is minimal and the information exchanged is maximum. Minimum waste-consumption, maximum conscience-synergy. It is the same logic of the laser, in which the individual photons, which in normal light are fragmented and therefore non-coherent, harmonize and synchronize with each other, creating wave coherence. It is this coherence, this synchronicity, that gives the laser its incredible qualities, even if the photons are the same as in a light bulb. Reported on the human level, this analogy suggests that a coherent energy of enormous power can be born from the synchronization between brains / consciences. A very large part of our energy is lost in quarrels, misunderstandings, differences of opinion, differences of language, as well as at the international level much of the money is lost to finance increasingly sophisticated armies and weapons, to feed endless conflicts between parties or judicial cases. Synchronization leads to optimal communication and therefore saves energy, which can be used for evolution and well-being. Coherence, synchronization, unity, common sense, cooperation, brotherhood are only different aspects of that single evolutionary principle called syntropy.

The term macroshift means the global change of thought and life that a part of humanity is facing and that the whole of humanity should choose more and more consciously in the immediate future.

The global, ecological, social and human crisis requires a choice between infinite possible futures. The State of the Planet is dramatic, all the parameters of environmental, human and political risk - from overheating to overpopulation to militarization - are constantly worsening.

Doing nothing means accepting the current state and the future it entails.

We must choose our destiny, the one we really want: whether to continue the current development towards an increasingly industrialized, polluted, militarized future without respect for minorities and poor countries, or to choose a radical change of course in human history, a macroshift , a radical transformation of the way of living, thinking, communicating, cooperating and evolving together towards a planetary civilization.

This change is already taking place in every state of the world with the "cultural creatives" and the new emerging culture, even if still in a submerged, minority and therefore not very influential in political, economic, social, war, ecological decisions.

The term macroshift was proposed by Prof. Ervin Laszlo, philosopher of systems science and promoter of planetary consciousness, president of the Budapest Club and former lecturer in renowned American and European universities, who recently published the book Macroshift in the United States. , to ride the transformation which - for the topicality of the topic, also in relation to international anxieties for the uncertain collective future - has already been translated into nine languages.

The concept of macroshift is of fundamental importance to understand in an articulated and real way the different dimensions of this planetary phenomenon and its possible economic, social and spiritual developments. Much of the new planetary intelligence is moving in this direction, to stimulate human growth, an evolution of global consciousness.


Each of us must become aware of our own decision-making power, and decide!


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The "synchronism phase" is an initiative launched within the social project "Rigene Project" (, through
the petition sent to the European Parliament n ° 1112/2021 entitled: "The survival of the European Union depends on the World Union", with the aim of activating the process of
synchronization of the digital society, consisting of actions aimed at accelerating the digital-ecological-quantum-biological transition process
initiated by all the Governments of the world, through the synchronic union and collaboration of all the people of the world, to safeguard the well-being of all people and of the Planet Earth through
the realization of the "planetary octet path" as a solution to the current systemic health, economic, social, environmental and climatic crises emerging all over the world.
(Petition Document: )

( Find out more about all the aspects of the "cognitive phase" preparatory to the "synchronism phase" on: )

#HOLOS OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGN: Let's build a blockchain-based quantum operating system together to harmoniously manage Planet Earth  THE HOLISTIC PARADIGM - PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS - MACROSHIFT Synchronicity and synergy: the great wave of global consciousness

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