Development of DIGITAL DNA (Guide Code) through "Synchronic Planetary Human Collective Intelligence" to guide "Digital Society"

By rodese | Crypto ideas | 3 Jan 2022

[-50 DAYS TO START SYNCHRONISM] [8-432 Hz] #rigeneproject

[-50 DAYS TO START SYNCHRONISM] [8-432 Hz] #rigeneproject #PlanetaryOctet
[Countdown period - cognitive phase for preparing for the Synchronism phase] - -

(Learn all the aspects of the "cognitive phase" preparatory to the "synchronism phase" on:
Development of DIGITAL DNA (Guide Code) through "Synchronic Planetary Human Collective Intelligence" to guide "Digital Society"

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, blockchain, etc.
appear to be optimal tools for activating resolution processes of the 5 planetary systemic crises (climate crisis, environmental crisis, economic crisis,
social crisis, health crisis) in the context of the digital-ecological-quantum-biological transition
initiated by governments around the world.

These technologies and processes need to be adequately guided through a "Guide Code" (DIGITAL DNA)
elaborated through the synchronic collaboration of all the people of the world (Synchronic Planetary Human Collective Intelligence).

Without an adequate "guiding code - digital dna", the complex system of processes and technologies (Digital Society) that governments and companies around the world are developing
to solve the 5 planetary systemic crises it could be ineffective, not able to avoid the human extinction that can be caused by
the 5 planetary systemic crises.

The "Digital Society" is like a child who needs a guide code (digital DNA) provided by the "parents", or rather by the wisdom of Humanity
as a whole as a "Synchronic Planetary Human Collective Intelligence", to become "adult" and "autonomous" (Technological Singularity - Technium)
and synergistically help Humanity to resolve the 5 Planetary Systemic Crises and improve the life of all people in the world and the planetary natural environment.

All the people of the world can unite and collaborate to build the guiding code of the Digital Society based on the needs of all the people of the world and the planetary natural environment,
in order to obtain a balanced - harmonious functioning of the ecological-social-economic-technological ecosystems,
thanks to a "BIO-QUANTUM BLOCKCHAIN ​​PLATFORM" (of which we provide technical guidance on the website
which will provide control of the "guide code" (digital DNA), to all the people of the world.

DIGITAL DNA will be a code similar to BIOLOGICAL DNA, which will memorize the characteristics (structure, functioning, needs of humans and the natural environment) of the Digital Society
and will be able to adapt to environmental changes (social system - economic system - ecological system - technological system)
endogenous-exogenous similarly to the biological epigenetic code in order to be resilient and evolve while maintaining the state of systemic-planetary balance-harmony.

This DIGITAL DNA will be integrated with the legal system of all Governments in the world: any governmental, corporate, private entity, etc. will want
develop artificial intelligence systems, technological-biotechnological systems will have to integrate the DIGITAL DNA into the related computer code.

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