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48$ a month. How I earn crypto with minimum effort

By gweigster | Crypto-gweigster | 27 Apr 2021

Theres money on the streets and we crypto enthusiasts are the ones to collect it. Let me tell you how I make 47$ a month through some simple tasks and also, how I earned 460$ just by watching videos. I am not talking about referral earnings or the classic Paid 4 websites, just a few platforms that pay you to use them - in crypto currencies. 

Right now I earn about 1.60$ per day or about 48$ per month.

So for those who think it's too risky to get into Bitcoin right now, here might be a nice entry point.

Let me share my favorites with you:


 1. Permission.io / ASK

Permission.io is an online store that pays you the cryptocurrency ASK for watching product videos. This is also the platform where I made 460$ in 5 weeks, just by watching those videos.

Earnings: approx. 250 ASK / day or 1.20$ / day

How does it work?
Every day you can watch up to 15 product videos, which usually earn you 10 to 20 ASK. Every now and then you can get a bonus of 500 to 1.000 ASK, but for that you have to be lucky.
The rates are regularly adjusted to the value of ASK, so it remains stable at about 1.20$ that you can earn per day.

But how did I earn 460$ in about 5 - 6 weeks? ASK has risen rapidly in price, when I started using the platform, I was allowed to watch 20 videos for 100 ASK each a day! So I just earned almost 10$ a day in cryptocurrency. Who knows where the ASK price is headed in the future. This shows: It is worthwhile to take everything that is available for free, the Bitcoin hype is still running for a while! Maybe we are lucky and ASK multiplies again.

With a trading volume of about 1.000.000 USD you can sell your ASK easily.

Tip: The browser window must be active for the videos to run. If you click out during a commercial, the video will still run completely.


Earn ASK Daily


Here is a screenshot of my first payout from ASK. At the time of the exchange it was about 460$:

permission crypto rewards proof


2. OKEx Earn / Bitcoin

OKEx Earn is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to earning Satoshi daily. OKEx Earn is a program from OKEx, currently the twelfth largest crypto exchange in the world.

Earn: 500 Satoshi / day or 0.27$ / day

What you have to do: Just click on the suggested articles in the OKEx app. Every day you will get 5 articles, which you have to watch for one minute each. After solving the captcha you will receive 100 Satoshi per article. You can withdraw the money directly to your OKEx Bitcoin Wallet and trade, earn interest or withdraw it to your own wallet.

To participate you need a verified OKEx account and the OKEx app:


Earn Bitcoin daily


Since I joined the OKEx Earn program I have earned 121,000 Satoshi, here is a screenshot from my account:

OKEx crypto rewards proof

Converted, I earn with OKEx Earn about 27ct a day, or even 8.10$ a month, with very little effort. Should Bitcoin go another x10 I would have earned a nice pocket money of 81$ per month.

3. Odysee.com / LBRY


Odysee.com is the video platform of the Library Token (LBRY). As you might have guessed, you earn primarily for watching videos here as well. However, there are other missions that can earn you extra money. For my daily missions, however, I only count the videos.

Earnings: approx. 0.5 LBRY / day or 0.10$ / day

For this reward, you only need to click on a video once a day for a few seconds, so it's very simple. You will get at least 0.2 LBRY, but usually more. On average I assume 0.5 LBRY per day.
You get more rewards for followers, uploads or milestones, like the thousandth viewed video.

Similar to Permission, the rewards also adjust here, so it's worth completing the missions soon.




Here you can see my account. Since I started using the platform, I have earned 228 LBRY. A few weeks ago LBRY was worth a good 1.5x more, surely we'll get there again:

Odysee crypto rewards proof


4. COS.tv / Contentos

COS.tv is another platform that pays you cryptocurrencies for watching videos. The currency of COS.tv is called Contentos. Every day you get points for logging in, opening chests and watching videos.
You can redeem these points at a slot machine, with a little luck you will get Contentos as a reward. I earn about 1-2 COS a day.

Earnings: approx. 1-2 COS / day or 0.03$ / day

Unfortunately, these are not worth so much (yet?), about 2ct. But it is little effort, the videos can run besides. COS was worth about 4 ct in the meantime.
For opening chests, there is also some Ethereum now and then, but that is negligible.

Contentos is also very liquid with a daily trading volume of about 6,000,000 € and you get your COS sold well.


Earn COS daily


I am also fairly new to this, here is a picture of my earnings:

COS crypto rewards proof


It's not hard to get some free crypto, biggest effort is to get started and sign up to the platforms.
I have developed a small routine for this and do it easily on the side (the time at the toilet can not be used better). I still firmly believe in Bitcoin and if the price rises by a factor of 10, my earnings will be worth 480$ per month. That sounds much more tempting.

Do you know of any other platforms where you can earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through simple tasks? Share it in the comments :)


originally published by me, here (in german):



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