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Crypto Grinding Day 1 - Getting Started

By CryptoKid71 | Crypto Grinding | 24 Feb 2021

Alright, I will presume (if you read my previous post) that you have an idea of why you are grinding.  If you haven’t figured out your “Why” yet, do so.  It will help you when things get hard.  You may not know everything you need to do, but you need to understand why you are doing it.  We’ll talk further about the why and then goal-setting another day. 

There are some things that we need to talk about first to get us started:

  • Get a Wallet
  • How to Earn Coin
  • Alt Coins

Then there are the more advanced topics:

  • Security My Friend
  • How to Earn More Coin
  • Hanging in for the Long Haul
  • Know Where to Hold ‘Em
  • Know When to Run
  • Cashing Out

We’re not going to cover all these topics.  Each one of them is an article unto itself, not to mention the pieces I have stored up in my head about theory and economics that will help you out as well.  We have lots of material to talk about.  You are here though to get to earning, and you don’t want to read a bunch of theory and talk.  Am I right?  Give me a ‘Like’!

Get a Wallet

The first thing is that you need a wallet.  Why, you ask?  Because you need someplace to store all that loot that you are going to earn.  A wallet is a piece of hardware or software where you can keep your crypto coin.  There are many different makes and models out there, just like physical wallets. They can generally be classified as hardware wallets, micro wallets, software wallets.  Yeah, they get more technical than that, but I think you get the picture.  Don’t worry about getting it exactly right the first time; just get a halfway decent one.  Your needs will change with time.

What is a halfway decent wallet, you ask?  It is one that will let you hold the most common coins, is reasonably secure, and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Hardware (or cold) wallets are the most secure but cost real money.  Micro wallets are owned by someone else and keep your money for you.  They aren’t banks, and they do have their place, but would you let someone off the street keep all your cash for you long term?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I personally like Atomic Wallet.  They have a desktop and mobile version.  I use the desktop version because I’m not cool enough to not worry about losing or breaking my phone. I also don’t run in circles where we are just whipping out our phones and paying for everything with a crypto coin.  If you are in that circle of people, your life is more exciting than mine.  I would throw you a reference link, but somebody blew up their referral program with fraud and ruined it for all of us.  We’ll talk more about ethics later on, and you’d better come back for that discussion.  It is important.  In the meantime, you can get Atomic Wallet from

Remember this about your wallet.  If you forget the password, you are screwed, and all your hard-earned coin is lost.  Almost.  Wallets generally have a backup scheme or recovery option.  On the wallets I’ve used, it is a 12-word recovery phrase.  Print it out.  Write it down.  Put it in your safe.  Keep multiple copies.  The best thing to do, though, is not to forget your password.


On with the Show

Let’s get past the logistics and on to the fun stuff.  There are many places and ways to earn coin, but let’s start off with easy, simple, and fun.  Go to Cointiply.  Yes, it is a referral link, so I get a little spiff for referring you, but you didn’t think I was doing this for free, did you?  If you are getting all miffed about it, get over yourself.  You’ll be referring people in no time too.  Remember this axiom of advertising, “If you aren’t paying, you are the product.”

Anyway, go in, sign up, introduce yourself in the chat, browse around.  Click a couple ads, earn a few coins, play with their faucet.  That isn’t a euphemism.  We’ll talk more about faucets next lesson.  If you want to explore a bit more, visit FreeBitCo.In.  Again, it is a referral link, but this is a very straightforward site and an excellent example of some of the places you’ll be visiting to earn coins.  We’ll also be using this site as an example in the next few lessons.

Alright, go have some fun.  Follow me on Twitter @CryptoKid71 to received notification of when I post new articles.  Like me on Publish0x and follow me here and let’s grow our crypto empire together.  Share this article on your Facebook or Twitter pages (handy links above) to grow your crypto army.  It will pay off long term.

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Crypto Grinding
Crypto Grinding

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