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Let's have a crypto discussion

By CryptoCata | crypto-general | 20 Apr 2021

Hello there! This is something I would like to do for some time now. I don't know how's on your side, but I don't discuss crypto with friends or family, I feel more comfortable discussing about it with strangers. This is why I thought to create this post, maybe there are people willing to have a crypto discussion too.

We can share our ideas, discuss different crypto projects and why not, if you are new to blockchain and cryptocurrencies and you seem lost reading crypto news about BTC / ETH, I would like to make you an overview about what it is and how it works. Just don't be shy and let's have a talk, I will try to answer all your questions, of course if I know the answer.

I have created this google form, please fill here a name / nickname and a social platform that you are using to get in touch.

Let me know also down below in the comments what you think about this?

Let's have a crypto chat!

Have a nice day,

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General information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Let's learn together more about them.

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