GrowYourBase (GYB) - Earn valuable NFT collectible by completing social task

By Demox | Crypto_gaming | 7 Sep 2020

GrowYourBase (GYB) 

Website where users can earn and discover digital assets. All you have to do is some social task (e.g. follow on twitter or like on facebook the official account of a digital asset company) which will be rewarded with points used to redeem NFT collectible. 

It is now possible to invest in rare non-fungible token without having to spend anything. NFT which could be worth thousands in the future. Give it a try, you just have to invest time to earn NFT collectibles, U.S. real estate, and hundreds of other value-backed tokenized assets.

NFT available from partner :

  • CryptoKitties (Buy, collect, breed, trade and sell the famous virtual cats called CryptoKitties on Ethereum blockchain)
  • MLB Champions (Ethereum powered sports ios/android game)
  • NiftyFootball (Ethereum powered football collectibles game)
  • Blockchain Cuties (Similar to CryptoKitties. Play with cats, puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, and other real and fantasy creatures. The in-game economy lets you trade cuties using smart contracts on Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and NEO Blockchains.)
  • MyCryptoHeroes (Ethereum RPG game. Collect and train historically inspired heroes then go on quests to find rare items. In the near future. My invitation code : 6ptU)
  • Drakons (Ethereum powered crypto-collectibles game. Similar to CryptoKitties but with dragons. My invitation code : BeVKQCAJE1)
  • ChainGuardians (Anime meets cryptocurrency in this Ethereum powered RPG)
  • The Sandbox (Ethereum project allowing the community to create and monetize their creations. Really interesting concept, check an in-depth article if you're not already familiar with the Sandbox.)
  • Splinterlands (Collectible Card Games on Hive blockchain. Referral limited promotion : If you use my link to register, both of us get a random card from the Untamed set (including a chance at Gold Foil Legendaries worth up to $100))
  • Axie Infinity (Another breeding game which don't need any description given it's popularity lately)
  • Brave Frontier Heroes (Similar to MyCryptoHeroes but with the Brave Frontier ip.)

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