My Crypto mining game review

By Necroclown | Crypto games I play | 27 Sep 2019 

I have been playing this game for almost a year and I like its structure. It not only has a miner but missions different levels of earning and once you reach 1000hs you become a premium member allowing you to mine 


  • Bitcoin
  • Doge
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Bitcore 
  • Potcoin
  • Peercoin

The coins are withdrawn through each with a different minimum which are as follows

  • Bitcoin is .00050000
  • Doge is 100. 
  • Litecoin is.00400000
  • Dash is.00100000
  • Ethereum is.00080000
  • Bitcoincash is.00050000

The rest are temporarily disabled. 


Crystals are used to run your miner and energy is used to do missions. Each day you gain 1% on your mission boost up to 50% for regular members 100% for premium members.

Here are some payment proofs.


As you see it is mostly Litecoin and Dogecoin because that is what i collect most of the time. I really like the game you should check it out in your free time 

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Crypto games I play

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