Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia | $DAR token | Crypto based action-adventure game

By The Glitcher | Crypto Games Daily | 5 Nov 2021

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is an play to earn action adventure game which recently launched its token $DAR on binance launchpool and got a lot of attention and price of its native token $DAR surged to an ATH of $3.95.

After Axie-Infinity trend, the Game-Fi has become so much popular. I created this blog to write about all the interesting games in crypto space. 

Coming back to the game,  Mines of Dalarnia or MoD (short-form) as mentioned is action-adventure game. Basically, there are two types of characters in the game - land owners and miners. Land Owners own a piece of land on dalarnia and rent to miners where miners can mine for minerals(common and rare) and also fight monsters to update their gear and level up. This is a level based game means, as the game progresses the level of miners increase. 

The common feature in Game-Fi is their NFTs. Mines of Dalarnia got its own NFT marketplace where they can trade the NFTs(land, gear, minerals owned by player) for DAR and vice-versa for profits or to skill up. Before starting the game, the miners need to have suitable mining equipment to get started. 


The below videos launched by the team tells most about the game-play in action. 



There are four types of lands in mines of dalarnia like below and each got its own type of monsters and minerals.




The game is planning to be launched on mainnet in the quarter 1 of 2022. There is so much to look given how interesting the game is and how well DAR token is performing even before the launch.  They released the game on testnet to give the users preview of how the game is going to be. 


Testnet link to try the game-

$DAR token is currently on binance launchpool and is available on Binance and pancakeswap. 

More on game


Website -


Medium -







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