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How Can I Earn With StarCrazy? (Part 1)

By JDstar | Crypto Game | 19 Sep 2023

Earlier in the year we published a Beginner’s Guide to Earning with StarCrazy. But since that time, the game has continued to grow and offer a richer set of features. If you’re a complete beginner, you might start there to get rolling. That starts players from zero and doesn’t assume you know about crypto or crypto wallets. We hold your hand and show you the way.

There are so many ways to earn money in StarCrazy. We’ll begin with the simplest and progress to the more involved ways to earn. They aren’t necessarily harder but they require more steps. Here we go!

Buy Starz low and sell high

This simple technique, explained in the blog from earlier this year, requires only a small investment and minimal work. Study the market to see at what price starz are for sales. This is especially true in the resale market. Buy a starz and immediately list it and sell it for more.

Starz Mining

Set it and forget it. If you want to earn and don’t want to monitor that investment, then maybe mining is for you.

If you want to grow your initial investment and never have to add additional money.

  • Go to the Free Market
  • Buy the biggest DigP card you can afford
  • Dispatch it to the mine
  • Be patient, let your Starz accumulate daily GFT (paid every 10 seconds)
  • Wait about a week or two (or until you’re satisfied)
  • Claim your earned GFTs
  • Now take your new GFTs and,
  • Go back to the Free Market, and (buy the biggest card you can afford…).
  • Repeat this process with the newly earned GFT (to buy a new Starz). Now, you’ll have 2 Starz mining for rewards (then 3, 4, etc.). The wait time gets shorter and shorter thanks to compounding.
  • After a few months, you should have 9 Starz all mining for you (after using this strategy of compounding)

Fusing and selling — You don’t know what people are looking for to fill out a team. You may have created the very Starz with the right element to give the buyer a killer team. You’ll only know when you put it on the market and see if there’s a buyer.

It is important to match the qualities of the orbs for the cards being used. Study the picture below and you can begin the journey to become a fusing master starting from an N card fuser.

Remember this rule: N < R < SR < SSR < UR (this shows ascending value with N being the least valuable)

Recently, players had a chance to learn from two of our expert players, Kyle and CryptoFridge. They hosted a terrific workshop on fusing so newer players can learn how to profit from fusing.

StarCrazy Workshop 1: Fusing Starz

Syrup Pool is now paying ~ 87% interest. (this varies, of course) The Syrup Pool is where you can stake, i.e. lend your GFS and receive interest on that loan. It’s not locked and you can withdraw it at any time. What does StarCrazy do with your money? It goes into a liquidity pool that makes a market where people can buy and sell GFS. This is an important economic function for StarCrazy’s health.

LP Mining — Recently paying almost 63%. Ask your bank about getting that rate and they’ll laugh you right out of the building.

Here’s how to start:

Start by adding GFT/IOTX to the liquidity pool in ​​mimo. Huh?? Not to worry. You’ve got this. What we’re doing is combining two tokens, IOTX (who we all know and love) and GFT (our new BFF) . When we combine those two tokens we are creating an LP Token that provides the funds for doing transactions in and out of those two tokens.

Go to

Since this is a bit more involved, we urge you to continue reading and learning from this blog:

Beginners Learn to Earn Part II — Syrup Pool & LPMining.

You’ll find clear, step-by-step instructions that will get you earning, even with a small starting investment.

Don’t wait for a grand plan. Start small. Risk only small amounts and start to earn. Like anything else, it takes practice and you’ll get better at it.

In our next blog on how to earn from StarCrazy, we’ll describe how you can earn from battling and on betting on battles.

Steps to enter the game:

Option 1: Metamask

Step 1: Install the metamask:

Step 2: Add a custom RPC/Network In the MetaMask browser extension, open the “Networks” drop-down menu at the top, and click the “Add Network”:

Step 3: Input the respective network values for IoTeX Mainnet:

Network Name: “IoTeX Mainnet”

RPC URL: See Babel API Endpoints » (Example:

Chain ID: 4689

Symbol: IOTXExplorer URL:

Step 4: Click the Save button and make sure IoTeX is selected as the active network

Step 5: Click the link to enter the game:

Option 2:

Using Iopay Wallet you can download though this link:

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