A Newsletter for To-Be Starz Trainers

By JDstar | Crypto Game | 1 Jun 2024

Dear To-Be Starz Trainers:

“When training grounds will be released?” is the most commonly asked question these days. Now we can tell you the answer: they are going to be introduced this week! Everything is ready!!! Yes, you are right! This is another newsletter filled up with educational materials about training grounds.

• Four Videos to Walk You through the Main Features of Training Grounds

• Extra Training Ground Q&As

Q1: Could a skill be dodged in a battle?

A1: A skill-based attack cannot be dodged in a battle. Crit doesn’t apply to that kind of attack.

Q2: What will happen if a Staz with a skill is fused with another Starz that has no skills?

A2: The skill will be lost.

Q3: Will a Starz lose its skill if I sold it to others?

A3: No, its skill will be kept.

Q4: Could a Starz learn two skills at the same time?

A4: No, for now, a Starz can learn one skill at a time.

Q5: Could a skill be kept forever in a Starz?

A5: Yes, as long as it is not fused with other Starz or the skill is not documented back onto a book.

• The invitation system is still live for new players!

for those who just jump into StarCrazy, feel free to invite your families and friends to this wonderful Starz metaverse:

“Settings” — “Invite” to bring them in!

Watch the meeting again in case you missed it:

Yes, Yes, we certainly know that everybody is waiting for training grounds to be launched for such a long time! This week, we can finally get our hands on them!


10, 9

Ignition Sequence Start

6, 5, 4





All engine running. And Lift-Off! We have a Lift-Off!

Steps to enter the game:

Option 1: Metamask

Step 1: Install the metamask:

Step 2: Add a custom RPC/Network In the MetaMask browser extension, open the “Networks” drop-down menu at the top, and click the “Add Network”:

Step 3: Input the respective network values for IoTeX Mainnet:

Network Name: “IoTeX Mainnet”

RPC URL: See Babel API Endpoints ᄏ (Example:

Chain ID: 4689

Symbol: IOTXExplorer URL:

Step 4: Click the Save button and make sure IoTeX is selected as the active network

Step 5: Click the link to enter the game:

Option 2:

Using Iopay Wallet you can download though this link:

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