Publish0x Users Rejoice! Ampleforth doubles in price over a few days!

Publish0x Users Rejoice! Ampleforth doubles in price over a few days!

By 3NiGMa | Crypto-Freebies | 26 Jul 2021

Greetings fellow cryptoheads!

Ampleforth is one of the tipping tokens in Publish0x, and has always been a slightly lower-key coin. However, after it's inclusion in Aaves new trading platform, Ampl has skyrocketed over 70% in two days, and over 200% in the past week.


This is great news for Publish0x users that are planning to withdraw their AMPL tokens soon, however, the price of AMPL is controlled by Rebasing, or releasing more AMPL to inflate it and lower the price. This means that within a couple of weeks, AMPL will drop back down to around the $1.42 mark, the target for the rebases.



But despite the upcoming price drop, this is till good news for all Publish0x users, as it is increasing the liquidity and public interest in one of the coins that we get paid with!


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