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2021 Crypto Faucet Awards (Part 1)

By Buster Crabbe | Crypto for Olds | 12 May 2021

If you’re an older millennial like me, or a newcomer to the crypto space, or just looking to experiment and make a little money on the side, then Crypto Faucets are a great starting point.  The idea behind a faucet is simple: give away very small amounts of crypto for free, usually on a timer of every hour or every day.  Faucets began as a way to get people to learn about cryptocurrency.  At first, many were very simple, but today most faucet sites have other ways to earn, such as completing surveys, shortlinks, or PTC (pay-to-click) ads.  Some faucet sites also partner with third-party Offerwalls that reward you for installing apps or signing up for subscriptions.

But… which ones are best?

Now that I have spent about 18 months in the crypto world and have tried many different faucets, the time has come to reveal the 2021 Crypto Faucet Awards according to my own arbitrary standards!  NOTE: the referral links below will not take away from your earnings in any way, but they will help me!



Of all the faucet sites I have used, this one is the most lucrative by a pretty wide margin.  In the last year, I have earned more than $100 from Cointiply without spending more than 30 minutes on it each day.  It has an hourly faucet, strong loyalty bonuses for being active each day, PTC, surveys, and Offerwalls.  In addition, users can earn 5% interest on coins held on the site.  Payouts are made in Bitcoin or Dogecoin, directly to your wallet.

Referral Link:


MOST FUN: FaucetCrypto

Many faucet sites try to “gamify” the experience to some extent, by having “level up” bonuses or “items” that boost the rewards for certain activities on the site.  Often these efforts fall a little flat, but FaucetCrypto gets it right.  I actually get excited when a rare item drops, and since the withdrawal limit is very low, a user can reasonably withdraw every day without too much effort.  It’s always satisfying to get that notification on your phone that you’ve received crypto into your wallet, even if it’s not that much.  FaucetCrypto has a high-paying referral system and allows you to withdraw in 20 different cryptos!

Referral Link:


MOST CONVENIENT: Free Binance Coin

Most faucet sites require some kind of “captcha” each time you make a claim, but Free Binance Coin (and its associated sites: Free Litecoin, Free Dogecoin, Free Ethereum, etc.) does not.  It’s so simple to just click one button to spin each hour.  The earning rates are quite low, but it requires very minimal effort.  They also post promo codes on Twitter that give you an extra free spin, and they’ve recently introduced surveys and shortlinks.

Referral Link:


Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon! 

Happy Earning!

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Buster Crabbe

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Crypto for Olds
Crypto for Olds

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