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Please be aware of This Phishing TrustWallet Site | My story

By Mory J. | Crypto For Dummies 2.0 | 16 Sep 2023


  • This phishing website is named trustswallets (dot) exchange.
  • Never enter your private key or any other information tied to your wallet on it.
  • Submitting a ticket to get help with your TrustWallet wallet from the official site is the safest way to get help.
  • I lost more than$1000 because of this phishing website and I don't want anyone to fall for it.

Beware of this phishing site

If you come across this website or something similar, you are likely on a phishing website that pretends to be the official Trust Wallet site. Notice the extra "s" at the end of TRUST & WALLET, this gives a hint that is fake. The official Trust Wallet site has no extra "s" at the end of either word.

Unfortunately, I didn't learn that until I got scammed. I lost more than $1000 and I wouldn't like anyone to be victimized by this website or any similar sites. So I decided to make this blog post to make you aware and let you know how it happened.

Missing Crypto and funds in Trust Wallet

Being knowledgeable in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is an important key for anyone trading cryptos. I failed to learn how Trust Wallet works and that made me vulnerable when I had an issue with my wallet.

It all started when I noticed that a crypto I held, UniMex UMX was missing its tokens and Dollar value. I first thought it was just a glitch and it would be back if I refreshed my wallet. But the tokens seemed to be missing from my wallet so I panicked believing I was hacked somehow.

Before this incident, I had no idea how Trust Wallet works. If I had known it, I would likely not have fallen for this hacker. I later learned that you can check for your crypto assets directly on their blockchain explorer like in this image below.

To do this, just enter your wallet's address in the blockchain explorer to see which tokens you holding in Token section, 

BSC block explorer

If you run through a similar issue, check the Explorer to see if your assets are safe. Trust Wallet doesn't keep any assets in the app. It's a tool to access your address on the blockchain, make transactions, and monitor your assets.

The mistake I made

Because I didn't know this before, I naively went on TrustWallet official Twitter looking for help to find out where my crypto asset was. I interacted with a non-obvious fake Twitter account that replied to my tweet which turned out to be a bait that led me to their phishing website.


The hacker/s Twitter account looks so legit that I failed to notice that I was not chatting with a Trust Wallet agent.

  • The fake account has a decent amount of followers
  • The fake accounts retweeted mostly any tweet from the official Trust Wallet account
  • The fake account had never directly tweeted for that account.

This fake account might not exist anymore but keep in mind to remember any similarities with other malicious Twitter accounts. There is no shortage of those fake accounts on Twitter. Below are similar fake accounts I was able to find on Twitter.

Tweeter fake account

The Phishing website I got hacked on

Hackers would use many tricks to make their phishing website look similar to the official website they are faking.

Knowing more about the official address for any cryptocurrency App or website is vital in this industry. Hackers will usually create a fake domain with a little detail hard to notice.

We tend to not pay too much attention when in distress, in a hurry or looking for something impatiently.

I will suggest you to learn more about whatever wallet or website you are using in advance before running into an issue and look for it.

As you can see below, this phishing website domain has extra "s" at the end of TRUST & WALLET. The official Trust Wallet website has no extra "s" in its domain.

Phishing website


The safest way to get help from Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet has an official community website where you can learn more about the app and fill out a ticket if your issue needs to be resolved by a Trust Wallet employee.

Trust Wallet's official Twitter account is a bad way to try to get help with your wallet as many hackers just wait for their target on there. I still haven't gotten any reply to my post from any Trust Wallet employee since I posted.

I feel like it's a little irresponsible for them to not reply to users who are looking for help and could likely be answered by a hacker instead.

The best way to protect ourselves is to be knowledgeable enough to know when someone is saying things that are not true.

I hope this blog post will help you be aware of some ways hackers use to find their potential victims. Stay aware and good luck!!🙂












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