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I wrote VITALIK BUTERIN - ETH founder on Twitter- someone is making fake giveaways with his FACE

By alexisread | Crypto for All- English | 24 Mar 2022

hellou fellow readers, 


its a trap and beware of this scams !!!!! ....yeah....it got me.... im the owner of the 0.1 eth that was send




 first ....some photos 




BEWARE OF FAKE GIVEAWAYS ,  I wanted to trust , just VITALY ....and my ETH are gone 

pic 1









it is a SCAM !!!!





1. the WWW address seems to be hijacked.....when i copy it and paste it in a TXT it evolves into another link ---- 









i may be also PISHING !!!! BUT this is the website LINK......... 



2. i wrote Vitalik buterin on Twitter, to see what he will say about the Fake thing


3. I will write on his comments and profile  until he will answer me,.....I mean , he can just ban or do something with the receiver address right ?

4. I will write him as long as i can breathe and i will get a conversation with him. I lost the ETH you can SEE in the PICTURE ! 


5. I just wanted to trust Vitalik....that was all....and also his giveaways.... but are the SCAMMERS GETTING SO EASY AWAY WITH TIHS ?!?!?!?!?


Vitalik has to answer .....



 lets see how far the good man can go ......wish me luck ! 




OPEN ARTICLE , until it will be answered !  Update Every WEEK



****UPDATE,  AFTER 10 min of article being published: 


I wrote an Email also to Chainalasys .....https://www.chainalysis.com/

-  these guys track every Transaction ....and they are working with the US GOV.

- I want to give them all infos on every Shit has happened on a few Accounts and Websites I have checked. 

websites who promote fake....and accounts who gets the crypto....lying in your face.


I SEE 2 options here for all people who want to be safe: 


- KYC everywhere ( sorry for this)

- A TASK FORCE : who recognize this SCAMS right the WAY and BAN (delete, or do something ) with the FAKE ADDRESSES

3. - ''tell me your option''





Love Ya all



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Crypto for All- English
Crypto for All- English

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