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By alexisread | personal TIPPS | 1 Dec 2021

I greet you and introduce you to a NEW BROWSER.

CRYPTOTAB BROWSER and mining at the same time.
For PC and as APP, or google chrome extension.



While searching for something on the internet, you will mine Bitcoin with the power of your computer. DOWNLOAD HERE




the picture has 2 hours of mining with a laptop from 2011 (it costs 400 euros then). DEFINITELY, YOU WILL MINE BETTER, LIKE ME!


UPDATE > 09.01.2022

NOW I mine with 86a1262f4b87a98354674a05ca4decb887a5c4c2fb24794eb2347071ff932e4c.jpg


5333 H/S . 



Choose what rewards you, all the time, when you surf the Internet. GET BTC for noting...

download Cryptotab Browser & Miner.


We least for having just the PC on...browsing the internet....without looking at ADS.


CryptoTAB Browser just, mines BTC....and you make your Surfing.


You can also choose the power distribution for your CPU.


 IMPORTANT - FIRST, download to PC or LAPTOP, sign up there, with Facebook, Google Mail or  others

THEN download the application to SMARTPHONE and log in with the same type of login as on PC or LAPTOP.


When you are able to withdraw the 0.00001 BTC, the cryptotab will show you which digital Wallet to use to extract Bitcoin.


Cryptobrowser offers also a BOOST for your CPU/GPU power.

It depends on the Plan you choose. At the START YOU WILL  RECEIVE 2000 H/S Bonus on top of your own H/S


I am not a financial advisor, but I will help you with VALUABLE information for your wallet.



Thanks for reading, love ya all ! 





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