My favourite Publish0x authors!

My favourite Publish0x authors!

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 19 May 2020

Publish0x recently hit a 100k registered users milestone, which is epic for any online project.

I joined this platform back in December of 2019, and I have enjoyed the ride since then.

I've enjoyed the ride mostly because of the service, the fact that I can express myself in writing and get paid for it. I've also won a writing contest and somehow found a way to entice over 1.3k people to follow me.(thank you all!)

But I've also enjoyed my stay here because of a few authors, without whom this place won't be the same for me. Below are the authors I love reading, and why I love reading their writeups. It's in no particular order, so there's no favourites here.😉


1. Cryptonator's airdrop hunt

I really enjoy his thumbnails. Really. They're amazing and colorful, and while I admit that I don't put any work into my own thumbnails, this guy is someone who does. Also, his writing is cool and topic selection is also great. I've learnt a few things here and there from him, and don't regret following him. 


2. Skinner Crypto

This guy is straight up hilarious. I've read all his posts since I started following him(haven't missed one, honest) and his freestyle internet asshole behaviour is one of a kind. His posts come together homogenously in a kind of in your face educatively entertaining thing that you won't have read past the first line if it wasn't written that way. You should check him out here.


3. Moon333

It's always nice to see a fellow technical trader out in the wild. Although I don't follow all his posts, the ones I've read have some value in them, and have helped me establish or ascertain my directional bias. He's also helped me spot incoming moves on cryptocurrencies that weren't on my watchlist, and I owe some profits to his posts. Definitely give him a follow.


4. Thomas Wolf

Started following Thomas Wolf when he started actively writing again. His posts are creative and I really enjoy reading then while trying to pass time. Would be really cool if that's his real name.

Give him a follow as well, you'll enjoy it.


That's my list guys! Who is your favourite Publish0x author? Leave their names down below!


In the eternal quest for crypto fulfilment. I'm an obese frog on the internet, what I say most definitely isn't financial advice.

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