$30k to $1 million passively update: HUGE news!

$30k to $1 million passively update: HUGE news!

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 2 Mar 2021

First off, I know you like money. I do as well. I recently made a 65x on one coin in 13 days, and realising the times we're in, I know a ton of people could use that money. So I'm rebooting my telegram with tons of content again and will be sharing these Uniswap trades. They offer LARGE profits at equally large risks, but the gains are endless. Hop in here. Don't miss my next call!

Hey everyone, and welcome to the 4th update. It's been about a month since I posted last, mostly due to being busy from school and real life stuff. However, I haven't stopped trying to make some money passively to complete the challenge!

There were some big changes in the portfolio since the last month or so, and I'm currently at $62k in value. That's double in a month!

Here are the things I'm still doing:

  • Providing liquidity for both Uniswap and Lending protocols
  • Got the stupid bot to work (hurray!)

I cut out the Statera index funds because those were shit eventually. And the Uniswap pools are doing pretty well, but let's talk about that bot, because that's basically the star of the show.

We were able to get the bot working sometime around Valentine's Day, and it has been a pretty great time since then.

The bot routinely gets position sizes wrong, but managed to trade $5k to $60k in about two weeks following whale trades!

A ton of money was wasted to gas (yay, ETH), but I'm more than happy with the resultant effect. We took about 14 trades and lost only 2 of them. 

Position sizes varied in accuracy a LOT, however that turned out to be a good thing.

That has been the major update. I'll be reinvesting the earnings back into the bot and letting you guys know how that goes. Hopefully it goes fine.

That's it for this article! Haven't earned too much from the Uniswap pools, (currently about $3k from my initial investment), however those are pretty long term and I believe compounding gains will lead to good results in the end.

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In the eternal quest for crypto fulfilment. I'm an obese frog on the internet, what I say most definitely isn't financial advice.

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