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Free BAT (Basic Attention Token)

By chris04 | Crypto faucet | 23 Apr 2020

BAT (Basic Attention Token) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum platform and was generated to integrate and support the development of the Brave browser.

But how can you earn some BAT for free?

In order to earn some BAT you have several ways:

  • download and install the Brave browser and you will earn $ 5 in BAT by simply using it for 30 days, moreover, knowing it better you will realize the considerable benefits that can be obtained with Brave in terms of speed and privacy (navigation with TOR can be activated) .
    By going to the rewards section of the browser you can, if you decide to display a few discrete and selected advertisements, activate the Brave rewards option and receive portions of BAT for each advertisement loaded by the browser, you will still decide how many advertisements to see per hour and whether to see them , by default the browser has an active adblock

  • participate in the airdrops: the program of Coinbase Earn , a company of the famous American exchange, allows its customers to receive some cryptocurrencies simply by watching videos on how they work and by answering simple quizzes.
    Among the cryptocurrencies that Coinbase gives you and BAT (for now all the BAT have been collected but as soon as available for another airdrop customers will be notified)

  • earn as a content creator: publishers who have been authorized can receive a one-off or monthly BAT donation from their followers, subscribers and readers to support the website or channel, with a simple click on the Brave browser . In order to receive BATs, the publisher must subscribe to the payment platform service
  • advertise the browser on social networks and then obtain BAT from the registration of your referrals

For more information on Brave:

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