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This is huge news. very good free crypto website.

So i've always been looking for someway to earn a little bit a crypto

, Dont waste any more time with bogii sites that hardly pay.

To be honest those sites are likely routing your account into a new account they create on this site. All the offers are they same and these guys always paying more per offer. All it takes is a little bit of sneaky-links. 



The website is:

If youd like, you can click this one to include my ref. link (kind of the reason why im writing this) 


c'mon maaaan! im addicted to crypto. lolol. 

I tried faucets, autofaucet sites, hours of googles and research, etc... tried out a few of these kash only offer wall sites too.

most offerwall / survey apps of the are alright...but i haven't found one this good. ever.after making an account i was able to cash out $2.00 of litecoin within Two hours. You can sign up with little to no effort in about three clicks with the good ole fashioned 'want to sign up using google?' button..

If you know survey sites, sometimes you have to go through holy hell and a half just to cashout your earnings after two weeks of reward freezes and then slap some kyc into the equation. KyBBC blocks left right and center. 

This sweetest part is the variety of choices when it comes to cashing out. Pretty much every option in the book. Giftcards, Steam balance, blizzard balance, paypal balance,bitcoin, litecoin, ether, dogecoin, paypal balance, and bank transfers.


you can probaly just stop reading now and go there, beyond this point im just typing up some more extra words for extra credit.




This website is literally like ' Register for this app , depsoit $1 , Get $3-5 insta-rewards.

Dont ask me how its possible.. IDK. I think once in a while they scam everyone a little bit, But then again ive also made $18 laying on my bathtub doing surveys on my iphone. They probally scammed me a survey reward or two, but honestly i think they deserve it lol. they pay out generiously IMO.. Ive done a few free apps and didnt get anything. Still im not complaining at all. This site is literally FREEEEE MONEEEYYY!!  best part is i can pick litecoin or paypal.

Beam me up some of the litecoin , jimmy.



the evil kucoin rant


 I am going to rant about Kucoin here. If u dont want some randomly gibbersh from madman about 4 cents, dont read any further. you have been warned



speaking from experience of about 20 different offerwalls and other methods of obtaining free crip , is the most legit site. Getting 2$ of crypto can be a real Pain-I-T-A sometimes..

with no kyc, the struggle is def real. 

still hate kucoin but i also still use kucoin to cashout my $1-2 earnings via the litecoin liqudity route.

If your wondering, the litecoin liquidity route is (okay wtf is a litecoin liquidity route tho.. im just using fancy words having no idea what im talking about half the time trying to sound smart!)

Ltc > Kucoin exchange > Ltc/Usdt swap > Usdt/trx swap >

Finally, I withdraw TRX directly from the kucoin exchange wallet  into Matic network coins (my metamask wallet)

if you were wondering about 'kyc' , dont worry. All of this you do not need KYC 

My goal is usually 'i must obtain native matic' .. Idk why, I just like using matic network. I think its got a pretty good one. this one is very good because super good all the time. very good.  

You could probaly avoid Kucoin exchange by only using the Fixedfloat system and saving some fees since they sometimes allow ltc network into matic network swaps (for now that is..) Sometimes liquidity routes change. Sorta like WoW servers. Sometimes your server goes down. FML...!

So instead of checking im lazy i just send to kucoin first even tho afterward ill have to check fixedfloat for the available routes either way and then go through 5step 2-fa kucoin. it iz what it iz. 

TRX off kucoin for the past 2 weeks, they literally just increased the TRX fee from 1 to 1.5.... 4 Cents Kucoin? C'mon maaaan!

Literally. Nothing has changed with the Tron Ecosystem. You get Free energy and bandwith from staking trx which gives you the ability to essentially have unlimited transfers for free while earning TRX rewards.... Kucoin, Kucoin, Kucoin.. the 1% trading fees not enough?

little context-

for the majority of my kucoin experience i usually use trx withdraw method. for the past 2 weeks ive been using every single day. its always been 1 trx. Today its actually increased to 1.5 trx. tbh i dont actually care, its the principle of the matter here. TRX is Free to send transactions with.

You can go to  'rent/borrow' bandwith from other wallets (people staking large amount of tron who dont need to use any of the extra resources)  , for a few trx will save you tons in fees if you plan on making a bunch of transactions or using smart contracts, etc.  (kucoin is probaly selling bandwith now that i think about it.. greedy pigs)

kucoin claims to have 18million users in 200 countries and regions. I feel like my 18$ worth of trx withdrawls everyday single handedly upset the balance in the force and im the reason fees are increasing now. very sorry guys.. Im sorry for abusing the trx withdraw. Looks like im switching to the Fixedfloat liquidity bridge. I simply cannot forgive this 4 cent increase. this is unacceptable. I dont care if you gave me a free $200 nft anymore. Cmaaan maaaaan!!! 4 Cents!!

Kucoin has announced a few weeks ago after doing its very first financing in over 4 years that theyve made 150million with valuation currently of over 10 billion in crypto assets. Very good stuff kucoin! Maybe a little cutback on the gas fees? Perhaps use some of ur freakin' bandwith from staking trx ?

KuCoin is one of the very big very good guys  by daily  volume.. (in other wards they are the assholes that make it go up or down if they feel like it because they also allow users to trade with 20x margin and short sell coins , trade future contracts , etc.)

This means that if a user deposit 100$ and user 20x margin, suddenly they can liquidate him and turn his 100$ into 2000$. Quick math because they control all the f#cking crypto assets and can just detect everything with algos. 

IF you know  about limit orders and limit loss orders, margin calls, market makers, price pinning, liquidity pools, order flow, etc..

like spiderman once said.. great power = great responsibility

its our duty to boycott all exchanges. if you value your crypto assets, gtfo of exchanges. 


its cheaper and easier use , Non Kyc , SMART CONTRACT dexless asset bridge with very good liqudity routes. yes very good number one because its super good all the time i said.

On the kucoin website it says they are softstaking all users TRX and that it can affect withdraw ability.

what people thing it means: yay i get to stake trx without having to freeze them for 3 days!

what it really means: If all users suddenly decide to withdraw TRX they have the ability to withhold your assets. 

in OTHER WORDS: If everyone decides to withdrae from kucoin at once, they will not let you.


this is exactly what satoshi created bitcoin for.

keep satoshi dream alive. be free, use dexless and use ur own wallet to which you have private keys and full control over.

most importantly, stay ANONYMOS... dont fkn kyc....

isnt it something how there is only one 'non kyc exchange' that is allowed to be.. hmm!



have a very good day my friends



Last but not least again check out the freecash website for super easy surveys insta cashouts.






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