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Tracking cryptocurrency price every day

Today, it is very difficult to be up-to-date with cryptocurrency price if you are not tracking it regularly.

One of the best ways for that, is viewing price charts on Crypto Exchanges or follow them in your software wallet.

Price chart

I'm starting my day by reviewing crypto exchanges at

I am checking my favourite cryptocurrencies price on both of them to figure out what is happening. I really like their history charts and level of details about crypto. When I reviewed them there, I'm comparing price with my crypto wallet to see what is th difference.

Crypto Wallet

This allows me to stay on top with current trends and prices. Basde on the history charts, I can see if it is good time to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrenies.

I like these two portals mentioned above, as they are clear for me. CoinMarketCap I'm using the most frequently. I have seleceted favourite cryptocurrencies to follow which I can simply track on the screen. I have written simple PowerShell script connecting to the exchange every 5 minutes to check current price and print that in the console as well as save content to the file for further analysis in Excel.

I will polish the code and I will share it with you. Maybe you'll find it also helpful and useful.

What is your daily habbit about cryptocurrency checks? Would you share that with us down below in comments section?

Thank you in advance for your input.

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