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ETHereum Giveaway! Is it true or not?

Short notice

Before I start writing about Ethereum giveaway, please read this short notice below.

I know this better qualifies as forum post instead of blog post howevere I've decided to write this as Publish0x blog post because I do not know any reliable cryptocurrency forums, where I could start this thread for discussion. I count on you and your comments to this post as I'm very interested about your opinion.

Ethereum Giveaway

I was using some faucet when new advertisement appeared on my screen. It stated - Ethereum Giveaway - so, it cought my attention and I switched tab to have a look at it. I saw information that you would be credited with 0.5 ETH for free, just for logging in with your valid ETH wallet address. My first impresion - SCAM, avoid it.

ETHereum giveaway

Then I started analyzing their information on the site. The longer I was looking at it, the least concerns I had (yes, I know I know - my naive being won ;) )

That's why I wanted to share this with you and ask for you thoughts. Please, PLEASE, share them in comments section - thank you in advance.

So, classical SCAM site tries to get money from you without any reward, right? But this poratl does not want anything from you, except logging with ETH address. It seems to be fair, they do not ask for any of these:

  • e-mail address
  • mobile phone
  • credit card
  • ETH or other currency deposit
  • no investment plans to buy

OK, so I thought it cannot be scam in a classical way. Of course, it doesn't mean they are reliable and pay you anything but I've decided to try :) and I entered with my ETH wallet address, now you can see this on your own at Ethereum Giveaway

There is nothing to loose except being disappointed but I won't be as I do not expect anything from them. On their site, you can see that ETH distribution will start in few days, so it is not necessary to wait for months

Ethereum distribution counter

and it seems some of them were already distributed. Of course - no payments proof

Ethereum giveaway pool

What do you think about this, is this real to get 0.5ETH just for providing your wallet address? Of course, they inform you about limited pool 30,000ETH but anyway, is this possible to be credited with money they offer?

That would be excellent to get such reward but it seems to be unrealistic and my naive nature should go sleep, right? :)

Thank you in advance for every comment below on this topic.

And have you entered into this? Please share information....

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