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Terraformers INTERVIEW
with Co-founder & Project Manager 

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1. Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role in the development of Terraformers?

Certainly. My names Kas Hashemi, better known as "on a t break" (or just "t break") & I'm the CEO of Doyen Games, as well as the founder & lead developer of Terraformers, Many Worlds. Operating out of the West Coast (BC, Canada), I have a wide range of responsibilities, including game design & game theory, tokenomics & algorithms, machine learning & NFT art / graphic design, front end development, smart contract development & community management.


2. What inspired the creation of Terraformers?

Terraformers, Many Worlds takes inspiration from a ton of different sources. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but just to list off a few; Wecan's Rplanet was what inspired me to make Terraformers in the first place. The format of the NFTs is highly inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh & Magic the Gathering. The art styles are inspired by many different artists / genres, such as Picasso (Cubism), H.R. Giger (Biomechanical), Zdzislaw Beksinski (Surrealism) & Hajime Sorayama (Superrealism). The names & context of the art is inspired by practically all things that I've been exposed to throughout my life, such as North American pop culture, deities & beliefs of various religions, philosophy, STEM & the wide range of ARPG video games I devoted my childhood to. Notable inspirations for the game & the game mechanics themselves are titles such as Diablo 3 & Path of Exile, as well as the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.


3. Can you explain the concept of Terraformers to our readers who may not be familiar with it?

TFMW is a futuristic, sci-fi metaverse, setup to allow indefinite scaling & expansion of content.

Currently, in the first phase of TFMW, players are tasked with Terraforming; creating Land NFTs that generate precious $BLKHL tokens, which power the entire virtual economy.

With the release of the second phase, dubbed "Explorations", players will be able to deploy Mercenaries across deep space, battling against Cosmic Horrors in a new genre that will be known as "RPG Chess". In traditional chess, each player controls 16 units on 1 chessboard, which is 8 x 8 2D tiles.

In Explorations, players will control 1 unit (their Mercenary) on the equivalent of 16 chessboards (the World), which are 32 x 32 2D tiles. The Worlds are procedurally generated entirely on chain; this includes the generation of loot, lifeforms & events on every single tile, as well as movement & combat, all being 100% on chain. Mercenaries are also able to gain experience from combat, allowing them to gain levels (up to level 25), granting them up to 100 skill points which can be spent on the Mercenary Passive Skill Tree; all of which is entirely stored within the Mercenary NFT.

The third phase of TFMW will be the release of the "Robot Game", which will be a further expansion upon the Explorations system. Explorations are based on a 32 x 32 2-dimensional grid system. In contrast, Robot Game will be based upon a 5th dimensional grid system, allowing for an accurate representation of the Many Worlds Interpretation that would be entirely on the blockchain.




4. How does Terraformers differ from other blockchain games?

I'll leave that for the audience to decide.


5. What motivated the choice of WAX blockchain as the platform for Terraformers?

Gas free transactions, high capacity for transactions per second, as well as being exceptionally affordable (for both developing on & for users). In my honest opinion, the WAX Blockchain is extremely underrated & I encourage everyone (both users & creators) to come give it a shot!


6. Can you discuss the game mechanics and features of Terraformers?

Just to highlight some of the more important game details:

-> All Land NFTs are backed by 25 $WAXP tokens; which means that your exit liquidity is already in your wallet
-> All staking & mining is non-custodial
-> The mining / token distribution algorithm features two anti-inflationary mechanics, namely "Power Pools" & "Token Equilibrium"; ensuring that TFMW won't ever collapse from hyperinflation
-> Tokens from mining stack up & only have to be claimed once a week (although some, very rare assets will require claiming more often); i.e. no need to be glued to your computer to remain competitive
-> Everything that's been created & will be created is designed to be both bot-proof & multi-wallet-proof, guaranteeing a level playing field for everyone

In terms of game mechanics, players can currently:

-> Mine tokens through non-custodial staking
-> Attach NFTs to other NFTs for greater mining performance through non-custodial attachments
-> Spend tokens to craft new NFTs
-> Use BHCs (Blackhole Cannons) while crafting to receive token cost mitigation & the opportunity to mint bonus NFTs while crafting
-> Non-custodially activate Sets of NFTs to receive greater crafting cost mitigation while using a BHC

With the release of Explorations, players will be able to:

-> Explore procedurally generated on chain Worlds
-> Level up their Lands, BHCs & Mercenaries; gaining skill points which can be invested into passive skill trees for each individual NFT
-> Find Element NFTs, which can be socketed into Equipment Part NFTs, which can be socketed into Equipment NFTs; allowing for the storage of more than 100 NFTs inside of 1 NFT
-> The on chain itemization engine (involving Elements, Parts & Equipment) has been estimated to handle more than 10^264~ different possible items. For reference, there's around 10^80~ atoms in the entire universe.


7. How do players earn rewards and progress in Terraformers?

Currently, players are able to mine tokens from Land, BHC & Mercenary NFTs; granting a consistent ROI while holding assets.

The best way to make progress right now in TFMW is to get at least 1 BHC & use it to craft & gather as many Lands as you can. Having just 1 BHC grants access to chance on craft mechanics & token cost mitigation, allowing you the opportunity to get extra, valuable NFTs while crafting.

More info will be released about earning potential from Explorations as we approach the launch date.


8. Are there any unique challenges that come with developing a game on a blockchain?

Absolutely. There are no guides, tutorials or resources on how to really do any of this stuff. Not even getting into programming / smart contract development difficulties; there's no proven formula for building a lasting, play to earn Web3 game. The entire space is in the pioneering era & every team is currently independently reinventing the wheel in an attempt to solve the obscene amount of game theory that is required to create a game that will last indefinitely. Building on the blockchain means that anything that's created can theoretically live on forever, but all of the unsolved game theory leaves us in the dark when it comes to anticipating the trajectories. What might seem as a trivial problem today could potentially lead to a collapse in a few years.

Overall, due to the nature of the blockchain; one bug / exploit / collapse is all it takes to end a project. In contrast to building a traditional game that isn't on the blockchain, Web3 games have zero margin for error. And again, that's not even getting into the realm of complications & challenges that arise when developing the smart contracts in the first place.



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9. How does Terraformers leverage blockchain technology to enhance gameplay and user experience?

In terms of user experience, the complex & cumbersome nature of blockchain technology does make it pale in comparison to Web2 technology.

But with that being said, blockchain technology has the potential to offer unparalleled security & accountability, which is most certainly what TFMW leverages the most.

Player ownership of assets (both fungible & non-fungible tokens), the ability to trade assets & the validation of everything (in game actions, mining, etc) on the blockchain are certainly some of the more prominent features that TFMW has been able to offer.


10. How important is community engagement and feedback in the development of Terraformers?

Exceptionally important; everything in TFMW revolves around the community. Polls & surveys are gathered in the TFMW Discord to collect feedback on how to better the project on a regular basis. I'm a strong believer in the "Wisdom of Crowds"; an effect where the collective opinion of a diverse independent group of individuals yields a more sound judgement over that of a single expert. In order to reap the most out of the Wisdom of Crowds, it is ultimately my responsibility as the Founder to ask the right questions & to keep an open ear.


11. Can you share any upcoming updates or new features for Terraformers?

Explorations are set to release on June 10th, 2023. Granted, there may be some slight pushbacks, but that is the current launch date. Upon release, players will have the option to purchase a "demo" Mercenary that can't be leveled up, but can still be used to gather rewards & try out Explorations for a very affordable price. Ultimately, we'll be offering an hour of content, just for new players to get a taste of Explorations, for less than $1; of which will quite likely be made back just from the rewards gained while Exploring.




12. How do you see the future of blockchain gaming and its potential impact on the gaming industry?

Contrary to many, I don't believe that blockchain gaming will replace traditional gaming, but will rather serve as a niche that will co-exist alongside traditional gaming. Blockchain technology is fantastic when it comes to digital items such as in-game skins. But with that being said, much of the game theory is still unsolved & I don't see many game studios that are already exceling under their current Web2 infrastructure coming on board. Instead, I think the Web3 space will see the rise of new gaming giants built by Web3 Native Companies.

From a further point of abstraction, P2E games & metaverses behave as virtual countries that span the entire global, behaving as an intersection of interests that facilitates the distribution of wealth over a global audience (i.e. globalization, which is a ultimately a great thing for humanity).

The intersection of interests (tokenomics, potential to earn, game mechanics, collecting art & NFTs, etc..) enables the transaction of three fundamental currencies. Capital (Fiat & Liquid Crypto), Game Assets (FTs & NFTs) and Time. As people play crypto games, they're converting (or arbitraging) Time into Assets. Some people have lots of Time & little Capital. Some people have lots of Capital & little Time. The distribution of wealth in P2E games is basically trickle down economics, where people with lots of Time are converting their Time into Assets, which are traded for from people with lots of Capital.

The theoretical implications of blockchain gaming are quite profound. A high quality blockchain game may not just change the gaming industry; it might change the world.

On another note; granting the average player the opportunity for financial gain from the first second that they're playing a video game is unheard of. Currently, that right is only bestowed upon streamers & celebrity gamers. Imagine if the average player could be compensated for all of the thousands of hours they've poured into their favorite games? Such a world would be radically different than the one we're currently in.



Terraformers Discord:


13. What advice would you give to aspiring developers looking to create their own blockchain games?

Transferrable skills. All of the knowledge that I gathered from investing over 10k hours into ARPGs with digital items & virtual economies transferred over perfectly to blockchain game development. If you're trying to build your own blockchain game, I highly recommend investing some serious time into games that revolve around digital items & trading them in virtual economies. In my honest opinion, six months in Path of Exile will put you forward by a few years when it comes to building your game.

And when it comes time to actually start building your game, just keep this one thing in mind. Consider the fact that we discovered fire almost half a million years ago & fast forward to today, 80% of small business restaurants fail by their fifth year. The ERC-721 standard, which gave rise to the NFT, was only invented five years ago. All of this stuff is new, unchartered territory & because of that, the odds are against you. Very much so against you. But if you don't give up; if you don't throw in the towel half way through the marathon, just cause the going got tough. You better believe there's a hell of a reward at the finish line. As the saying goes, "fortune favours the bold"; not "fortune favours the cowardly".


14. Finally, what message would you like to share with our readers and the Terraformers community?

I'd like to thank you for the interview & the audience for their time. I can't express how excited I am for what's to come & I hope you guys are as well. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you've got in the TFMW Discord & as a thank you for making it through this interview, we'll be giving away an Ultra Nautical Land Pack to a lucky reader (winner will be drawn within 48h)




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