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We are excited to announce the official launch of Golden Hills.
On March 27, 2023 at 16-00 UTC, the official launch of the game will take place at, which includes the following functions: 



-Land Activation 

-Staking NFT 

-Mining -Craft items for the character 

-Missions for additional items for the character 

-The use of potions (health restoration, increase in character stats, recovery from injuries) 


And of course the most important PVP Fights: 


-Fights in duel mode (battles for wax) 

-Group battles (accumulation of experience for each battle + accrual of coins for a won


Official links:
Website -
GoldenHills AH Collection - WhitePaper -
Test network version -
Discord -
Twitter -
Telegram -
YouTube -

Company: Tokenlands Ltd., Reg# 3121648, 19H Maxgrand Plaza, No. 3,Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Email - [email protected] ; Director Mr. P.Sekun 




with Co-founder & Project Manager  V.Gaidukevich 


Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the creation of this game on the WAX blockchain? 


A:Since we have already had experience in creating a game on the WAX Blockchain, we have a full understanding of the possibilities, advantages and problems of the WAX network. Using this knowledge, and in particular understanding the problematic moments of all the games presented on the WAX network, the main of which is the monotony of functions and the lack of real gameplay. We have decided to create a new game with a completely innovative game process.




Q:How does this game differ from other blockchain games on the market? 


A:The main difference between the game and all other games using blockchain and NFT technology is the PVP battles feature. The whole game is built around combat between users and forces players to constantly participate in the gameplay by performing certain actions. Thus, the game is not limited to completing 2-3 tasks (staking NFT, collecting profit, extracting a resource) and then you can close the page. In order to be the best and be able to make a profit, the player needs to constantly participate in the gameplay.


Q:What was the biggest challenge your team faced during the development process?


A:We wouldn't call it a problem, but rather a difficulty in development, since a special engine had to be developed to implement the battles. We didn't have much experience in writing this kind of software before, so we ran into some difficulties in this matter, because of which we had to significantly postpone the launch date of the game.


Q:Can you describe the gameplay mechanics and how they work within the WAX blockchain ecosystem?


A:The mechanics of the gameplay is quite simple - when a player registers in the game, he creates his own character with a set of characteristics that he himself can distribute. After that, the player can take part in battles with other players, thereby gaining experience for his character and, accordingly, increase his level and characteristics.
The player can also improve the characteristics of the character using NFT items for the character (weapons, shoes, pants, jacket) that the player can create using resources obtained in the game, as well as additional NFT items for the character (hat, spurs, holster, bandana) that the player can get by participating in special missions (travel function in gameplay).
In order for the player to create items on their own or get them by participating in missions, he must have an in-game coin (GHCoin). The coin can be obtained using a staking NFT card, Land NFT, in PVP fights or purchased from other players on the exchange (


Users can find detailed information about the gameplay in the whitepaper- 


Q: What kind of audience is this game targeted towards and why?

A:We do not have a specific audience group that the game was designed for. We think the game will be interesting to a large number of users.


Q:How does your team plan to expand the game and add new features over time?


A:Our team plans to start integrating new features as soon as the game launches. In the future, there will be the introduction of such functions as:

Chaotic Battles (Battles with no level limit to participate in battles.

There will be increased experience for players in battles, as well as the opportunity to win a WAX coin)

Creation Gang

Daily Missions for Gangs

Weekly Tournaments for the best Gangs with Prize Pool in WAX
This is a plan for the 3rd-4th quarter of 2023, then there will be new features that we do not disclose yet


Q:What are the benefits of utilizing the WAX blockchain for this game?


A:In general, we see an advantage for users using the WAX blockchain, since there are no transaction fees on this blockchain, it is very simple to create a wallet that takes the user a maximum of 1 minute, since registration is integrated with all popular platforms. 

For us as developers, the WAX blockchain provides great opportunities for implementing various functions in smart contracts, for this reason we have chosen to develop on WAX. And in general, we see great promise in the Wax coin itself.




Q:Can you explain the role of NFTs within the game and how they are integrated into the gameplay experience?


A:There are 4 types of NFT cards in our game:

1) Lands is an NFT that activates as a land plot, and the rest of the players use it to place their staking cards. Owners of the land receive 10% profit from all staking NFTs placed on this land, 15% per day chance of dropping a resource box, receive an in-game coin (GHCoin) when winning in group battles, and also receive the rarest Avatar in the game “Landowner”.


2) Staking NFTs - these cards allow players to receive passive income of an in-game coin (GHCoin) depending on the rarity of the NFT, as well as a daily chance to receive one of the resources or a resource box. Also, if a player places at least one staking card into the game, he will receive an in-game coin (GHCoin) when he wins in group battles.


3) Items for the character are NFTs that the player obtains during the game and can be applied to his character. By putting items on your character, you improve his combat characteristics.


4) Potions are NFTs that the player can purchase from the in-game store and apply to their character.

- Potions to restore health;

- Potions to improve the characteristics of the character;

- First aid kits for recovery from injuries received in battle;


Q:How does the game monetization work and what is the business model for the game?


A:The in-game currency is represented as GHCoin,

the maximum supply = 1 000 000 000

All coins will be distributed only between game users. The developers do not reserve or collect the coin for their own needs. All Coins spent by players during the gameplay will be returned back to the smart contract of the game.



Q:Can you discuss the team's approach to balancing the game's economy?


A:We will constantly monitor the situation and make decisions as necessary. The economic model of the game is that the stronger you become, the more coins you need to upgrade your character. Thus, there is a constant need for coins and a constant shortage of them among the players, which will ensure the value of the coin and items for the character.



Q:How does the community and player feedback impact the development of the game?


A:We have a certain vision of how the game should look and what features it should contain. But we are always open to suggestions from users on how to improve our product from the point of view of the end user. So we will be happy to receive feedback from our users. Preferably this message is sent to corporate email: [email protected] or in any of our social networks. 


Q:Can you speak to the level of engagement and retention the game has seen since its launch on the WAX blockchain?


A:Engagement is ensured by the exclusivity of the gameplay, as there are no similar games on the WAX network at the moment. This is constant action and competition between players, as well as the opportunity to receive rewards for in WAX. There is also competition in the extraction of new items (NFT) for the character, which are added with each new level and give a significant advantage to their owners.

As for player retention, there will be Gang Tournaments where players can make good profits in the WAX coin. Tournaments will be held every week, and participation in them will depend on the rating of the Gang, which will be calculated depending on the victories of each player in the gang and reset after each tournament.


Q:How does your team plan to keep the game fresh and engaging for players over time?


A:Part of the funds received from users from NFT sales, potions sales, sales on the secondary market will be directed to the prize pool to support players in the form of various events (tournaments, ratings, various tasks). We will also constantly improve our game and add new features to the gameplay.




Q:Can you discuss any future plans for cross-platform integration with the game?


A:To begin with, we are focused on actively developing the game on the WAX Network and implementing the original plan. After we implement everything we have planned and everything will work on 100%, it will be possible to talk about working in new networks.

Q:How does the team approach player acquisition and marketing for the game? 


A:We were already starting an advertising campaign when we announced the launch of the project and were able to attract a small number of users and early investors. But since the game was in the process of development, and the cryptocurrency market did not inspire confidence, the result was rather modest. We are now planning to launch an advertising campaign from the moment the game is launched, on sites such as WAX, AtomicHub, NFTInsider and YouTube promoters.




Q:What kind of team do you have working on the game and what experience do they bring to the project?


A:We are not a large development team working on the principle of the least bureaucracy in development and the reduction of redundant processes. There are very talented programmers in our team who are able to implement any ideas and functions that arise in our heads (the founders of the project).

In short, we broadcast what we want to see, and programmers do it!


Q:How does your team ensure the game is secure and free from vulnerabilities?


A:This issue is dealt with by a special person with extensive experience in the field of security. He thinks through and provides all degrees of protection. First of all, it is a secure smart contract, as well as a server part. After the launch of the game, we will engage people to track the users of the game at the time of illegal activities. Also, when registering in the game, each player will accept the Terms & Conditions, in accordance with which our security service will apply certain actions.


Q:Can you discuss any upcoming events or promotions for the game? 


A:At the start of the game, we plan to hold a small competition for users with prizes in the form of NFT for the game. The idea of the competition is for players to be the first to complete certain tasks in the game, such as being the first to reach 10 victories or reach level 2 of the character.


(End of Interview)




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