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I tell you now also how to earn free FEYORRA, new Utility Token.

By GMM | Crypto experiences | 9 Feb 2021

First of all, I briefly let you know what FEYORRA (FEY) is.

Our beloved FaucetPay started recently their own token, called Feyorra.

I think all of you already know FaucetPay, one of the most world-wide used site to collect micro payments from faucets and other sites paying in crypto. They now accept 9 crypto: BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, BCH, DASH, DGB, TRX, USDT and the brand new FEY.


FEY already have a value that is growing thanks to the visibility that FaucetPay is bringing to the project. Month by month they are adding new interesting features.


Getting this new coin is quite simple, even if it is at the very beginning, some faucets are already listing it.

The faucets I prefer are:


It is also possible to stake your earnings directly on FaucetPay getting an interest additional income.



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Crypto experiences
Crypto experiences

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