The story of "glorious" russian tanks and idiots

By Cryptotexty | Different topics | 10 Mar 2022

Four Russian tanks drove into a village in Sumy region. The locals sit quietly in their houses checking out from their windows periodically. The tanks stop, the crew gets out, two tanks drain the fuel in the other two and everyone leaves. And 2 empty tanks stand in the middle of the village. Locals run and stuck Ukrainian flags in tanks and then get back to the houses, sitting waiting. The first two tanks return (probably found fuel), see 2 tanks with Ukrainian flags, and shoot them. They dismantled the tanks, approached, and realized that they destroyed their own tanks. The locals burst out laughing softly.

The 2 remaining tanks went on a tour of the village (apparently got lost). And there is a bridge for 5 tons for cars. One tank arrives and the bridge collapses, the tank bites its nose into the river, drowning the whole crew.

There is one tank left. It rode, rode, found a ditch, and turned over there. The crew got out, pushed it, pushed, and then left that tank lying there and went away.

This is how 4 tanks of the russian occupiers were defeated by a village without a single shot with only two Ukrainian flags.

Story by Marysia Nikitiuk (translated from Ukrainian)

This story was shared multiple times in social media. The picture is not from there. Now I can't verify the story, but as I read, it happened in Kamyane village. I've been to that village last summer and even recorded videos from there (in a way it's my small hobby to record driving videos). How could I know then that this village will become so glorious and popular on the social media

So in this video, I start driving from the shop where I drank coffee to the bridge, yes same bridge mentioned in this story. It really looked fragile, the cars crossed it, but it would definitely fall under a tank.

And in the second video, I drive from the river, from the bridge into the village

I hope soon after Ukraine wins, I'll visit this village again. And I invite you, my crypto blog readers to come with me. Yes, after the victory we'll need to restore the economy, including the travel industry. There won't be a shortage of car gas and the roads will be free from russian tanks.

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