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russian New Year missile attack: 1 person killed in Kyiv 22 injured including Japanese journalist

By Cryptotexty | Different topics | 31 Dec 2022

russian bastards gave a "present" for New Year - once again they launched a massive strike against Ukrainian civil population.

For example - this is the Alfavito hotel in the center of Kyiv, near Palats Ukraine metro station. One of my favorite cafes/restaurants is very near that place. I passed by this hotel a hundred times, especially by car, as the road to one of my favorite cafes is there.

Japanese journalist was wounded there. Why do russians choose civil targets? Because they can't win the war, they can't win militarily, and that's why they just want to spread chaos in Ukraine: cause panic and economic collapse.

Apart from Kyiv, six people in the city of Mykolaiv and seven in Khmelnytskyi Oblast were wounded as a result of a missile attack by the russian federation on Saturday, 31 December.

And also - two children in Kherson Oblast seriously injured in Russian attack on New Year's Eve

These are very sad news, and unfortunately, they are every day. russia is waging war against Ukrainian people and if they would be able to capture more territories - they would bring terror and genocide.

Fortunately, Ukrainian anti-missile forces work more and more effectively. The vast majority of russian missiles and russian drones are taken down by Ukrainian army.

That's why this time russians didn't manage to bring a big blackout and such severe damages which they wanted to bring.

2022 is a hard year, but everything could be much worse.

Many people and countries thought that russia will be able to occupy Ukraine.. then there would be millions of dead... and Ukraine still exists and is winning the war.

So many people from all over the world wish 2023 would be the year of collapse for russian and putin.

So Happy New Year!

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