Dealing the Goods While Staking The Potential!

Welcome to another installment of my trading and overall Cryptocurrency journey! in this post I am going to discuss a couple recent trades I have made, some changes I made to my Hodl coins and the Staking of AWC and compounding of my BAT thanks to MadMaxx here on Publish0x for his awesome posts and telegram channel that has helped me immensely with trading strategy and increasing my bags!



I haven't been to active with my trading as of recent due to moving to another city and beginning summer term at my university where the standard 10 week courses are condensed into 3 weeks so it's been hectic. However I was able to get a few excellent trades in about a week ago when Bitcoin was hovering around 10K again I had a sell order at 9989 and then I just waited a few days and the purchase order I had set for 9386 was filled and boom! made myself 50,000 satoshi to add to the pot. On top of that I took out some of my previous profits and placed them into Orchid's OXT token. As I have said in the past I really believe this token will do well in the future and it's still a very small token but has massive potential. 

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The Hodl/Staking Changes:

After I noticed my small amount of AWC was climbing and they started the AWC Staking in the wallet I had the perfect opportunity to sell my XTZ at roughly $2.89 and place all of it into AWC right before XTZ dropped down to the $2.65 region and when AWC was worth around $0.43. So I am currently sitting with ~80 AWC and earning a 17% interest while staking them the coin has also increased in value from $0.43 to the $0.603 at time of writing. On top of all that I have huge expectations for the price of the AWC due to their supply model and the massive staking rewards they provide! 


I have recently taken some of my other alt's and converted to BAT and have placed my ~41 BAT into the compound protocol which at the time I put it in the APR was at 23.6% and once I get the ~ 60 BAT from this months payouts I will be adding that to increase the amount I am gaining interest on! 


Moral of the story, I have gotten a bit lucky but learning from MadMaxx has been of great help and I don't try to push my buy's and sell orders to extremes as my goal is to make many smaller trades with lower risk just to increase my bag size. Hope you all enjoy and I will hopefully begin updating and being a little more active here soon! 


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Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

I have been around since the early days of bitcoin, I unfortunately wasn't smart enough to hold any of them. Now I mainly do a plethora of research almost daily while passively earning crypto from a couple faucets.

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