Accepting The Gift of The DIP

The Recent Market DIP!

Now, I am not here again to tell you that the market dipped and I bought in on the dip; Because I DID NOT buy in on the dip like you may think. For those that follow me know that I am not one who uses my own fiat for crypto investing or trading, for those that don't follow me now know that I get most of my crypto for FREE or more recently from trading. For FREE Crypto feel FREE to check out my other post where I discuss the places I earn Passive Earnings and How to Increase the Income. OR you can just check out my main earner DIRECTLY Fire Faucet where I have made a very good amount in 4 months *I will post earnings below for the first time* I am currently waiting to withdraw more ETH as well! 

BTC  -  0.00447686
ETH  -  0.11258356
LTC  -  0.03179951
DASH  -  0.01495379
TRX  -  155.51854302

 Now I know what your thinking...


 Well here we are again and now that I got my annoying *I don't spend money shit* past we can get on to the real reason I am here today writing this post! Well, multiple reasons including the fact that I just turned 29 today *Hail Canada* and I have officially had my vasectomy which means I WILL BE RICH once I actually get working after college. The other reason is because the market as expected *IDK about you but I feel a harmonic balance for the most part* the market dipped and everyone is like oh shit Bitcoin at 9k omg! 

I am over here like, damn right sold at $9,800 and bought at $9,108 bitcoin at 9k omg is the shit! happy to say I made a nice satoshi or two on that trade! I obviously haven't traded since because I don't see myself getting enough profit from smaller trades. 



 "Just like everything else in life, when you get lemons you grow a damn lemon tree and have lemonade for life!" You can quote me on that! I have taken my TEZOS out of stake position before it dropped like I mentioned in my previous post and it has done very very well for me over in the AWC! I have gained .5 AWC from staking so far and about +90% in total gains on the coin as well! 



 Since the last post when I first discussed the Compound protocol and pledging my BAT I was making nearly 26% on it at that point! Well that has calmed down to a still great 13.6% as I type, and what's better than lemons growing on a free lemon tree? more free lemons from the tree!! So this month the mobile browser is finally allowing withdraws so I will be adding about 50 BAT to my compound of roughly 65 BAT now! On top of all of this I have earned some $COMP for using the protocol so I hope to continue earning as I pledge more BAT!! 

I have a compulsion about checking my Atomic wallet and my compound accounts pretty regularly so it's nice to go into compound and see the interest has earned me over 1 BAT in less than a week and I have earned COMP token as well is just a bonus. 



There are not many coins I just sit on but a couple at this time are LRC which we all know here from the incredible Publish0x! The ZEN coin which is distributed DIRECTLY from the HORIZEN blockchain who you can check out here No frills just FREE ZEN! I also just really like Dash so I just hold on to the small amounts I accrue. So far I have expanded my wallet to contain BNB for the purpose of AWC but I would still like to see how that coin does in the future! And while I am not doing much with Ether I am slowly building up my bag to begin trading both ETH and BTC


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Have a great rest of my birthday and Canada Day everyone! Special Shout out to Cryptoforcanadians because Canada!

*Links are referrals and I may make a profit for you using the links*

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Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

I have been around since the early days of bitcoin, I unfortunately wasn't smart enough to hold any of them. Now I mainly do a plethora of research almost daily while passively earning crypto from a couple faucets.

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