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Why the Reader Should Travel Abroad

              People move between different geographical locations. This movement is what is referred to as travelling. Travelling abroad refer to visiting foreign country for a couple of days. They can range from 15 days to one month for an academic tour or even for research purposes. A reader is a person who reads especially for pleasure. Readers vary from magazine readers, readers of books and newspaper. They get knowledge from reading and learn about different places and things that are found around the world. Among the things are historical sites, mountains, oceans, lakes and communities. Reading about these things is not enough, the reader should travel abroad to see and interact with them.

Importance of travelling abroad

 Therefore there are various reasons for a reader to travel abroad, they include; getting education. Every single minute spent in a foreign country is a learning minute. Travelling abroad will help the reader learn on other people’s way of life. This varies from the way native eat, dressing code, interact with one another and their economic activities.  From this experience the reader will come to appreciate other people's way of life and doing things. Travelling abroad also has some health benefits to the reader. It has been scientifically proven that travel improves mental health, also promote physical activity and relieves stress. For a reader, mental and physical health plus stress relieve are important factor to consider because burnout   is normal. Readers do celebrate after achieving their goals and set objectives. Therefore for celebration purpose they can decide to travel abroad. To memorialize achievement with travel is more memory than mere dinner. Travelling also will let a reader move out of his comfort zone. It will let someone taste different kinds of meals and have a taste of different cultures. Being self-independent is a virtue that every reader should possess, therefore travelling abroad solo will let him make decisions on himself. It will increase the confidence by learning to navigate across foreign country. Ability to speak in different languages is an important factor to a reader. A reader might take different classes of learning a foreign language but it UN comparable to first hand dousing in learning a new language. No human is an island. .Travelling leads to networking and meeting of new greet opportunities. Meeting other new readers and networking with them is an added advantage. In future those people might be of great help. Travelling abroad will help a reader to develop cultural sensitivity. The world is globalizing and cultural sensitivity is among the key factors in globalization. Travelling abroad is a key factor in promoting cultural sensitivity, therefore it is important for a reader to travel abroad in order to be aware of cultural values and norms of others. This helps him understand international issues and conflicts. A reader should be flexible and easy to adapt. Travelling increases adaptability. It changes the way someone thinks and makes him more flexible and adaptable. Travelling abroad amplifies this especially if the trip takes some time. Career advancement for any reader is essential, and travelling abroad can help in future career advancement. When it comes to job application having an international experience and included in your resume gives you and added advantage over others. Readers are intellectually smarter. Travelling abroad will make him smarter. They learn to take new words in a different language, therefore their brain capacity improves. Travelling also helps someone learn about himself. For instance when encountered by a curtain challenging situation you will be required to be resourceful, think and act differently. Therefore a new set of skills will be developed within you. A reader is a good storyteller and any story teller should be interesting, that being said, including a story from abroad will make your audience more attentive.  Travelling also will help a reader to appreciate his life. People face different problems around the globe, some are more than others depending on the place of location. A reader may therefore think that in his home country there are a lot of problems but once he travels and shares with others he will come to appreciate the kind of life in his mother country despite the challenges there. Any reader should possess social and communication skills. Travelling improves those skills. One learns to communicate better with other people.  Travelling provides peace of mind. Most of the readers have stress and tension in life just like any other human being.Travelling disconnects someone from normal dairy routine.Therefore due to this disconnect one appreciates the thing and people that he find around. Readers should be original and creative because they involve themselves in  writing which requires creativity of high level. When out of comfort zone  the mind tend to be creative. To trigger new  and original thought the mind needs to be exposed to a new environment. Broadening of horizons is necessary to  a  reader, Therefore travelling broadens  their horizons. It therefore helps a  reader to view challenges  from a different perspective. Travelling abroad gets someone  real life education. Meeting people from different cultures and societies  provides someone with education that is impossible to get from traditional school or even college.Actually it has been proven that there is no substitute for a  real thing.Travelling helps you find a new purpose in life. Travelling is an undermined self investment, as one travels he  is exposed to new things, among them are people life style and way of doing things by others. With all the new things a reader will be opened to new insights which in turn will give new purpose  to their life. You will realize that the world is big and actually you know  little about it   through travelling.’’ The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page’’saint augustine. Travelling  will make  you understand that  human beings share similar needs.AS a result you will have time to venture and observe things in the outside world. A reader might think that they have more need or different need from others, on travelling they come to  to realize human beings share similar needs. For a reader who is an introvert might think that making friends is very hard but travelling they will realize that it is extremely easy to make friends.

Challenges experienced when travelling abroad

There are challenges   experienced when travelling abroad and upon landing on the country you are travelling. Therefore a reader should be prepared enough so that he can be able to approach them in a positive way. The various problems include; home sickness. You miss your kids, wife, and brothers and wish that you never packed and left. It actually normal to have homesick but it should not be allowed to interfere with experience abroad. This feeling needs to be conquered, by involving in new interests and adventures. The other challenge is getting lost. No matter how you try to master the maps or even memorize streets you will find that you’re lost. So a reader should be prepared for that. When found on such a situation he should not panic. Try to use goggle maps or ask for directions. The other problem is running low on cash. Despite of planned budget there period that cash will be inadequate. This problem can be overcome by ensuring that every time budget is made there should be an extra amount put aside. Feeling like an outsider is a problem experienced abroad. There is that feeling of being alone because your fashion, your look and also in ability to communicate in the local language. To overcome this problem one should understand that he is in a new country and soon in will adapt to the situation. Also making a friend can help overcome the problem. Language barrier and cultural barriers is a major problem experienced abroad. For a reader to overcome this challenge, he will put an effort to familiarize himself with local culture and lingo. The wanting to remain in the foreign land forever is also a problem. This happens because one falls in love with everything in the foreign  land. Jet lag is  a problem experienced during the journey. It is experienced when travelling during two different time zones. So someone might feel tired, hungry and even loss concentration power. To avoid jet lag preparation for new time zone is necessary. Travel sickness. Motion sickness actually is real. It takes some time to fade. Insect bites is a common problem especially when travelling in a tropical rainforest areas. In case of such experience you should resolve the problem appropriately. Sunburn is also a problem when travelling to warmer areas.  Heat and heat stroke is another problem that can be experienced in a warmer country. It is advisable to stay away from direct sunlight and to wear light clothes. There is also altitude sickness. Some places will have steep roads are maybe your not used to them this can result in altitude sickness. Gross accommodation is also a main challenge that needs to be checked out. Sometimes when doing online booking you will find that the kind of hotel that seen online does not meet the standard on arriving there. To avoid such a problem hire tour guide knoe accommodation right in that country. Sickness can occur any time. Even when abroad someone can get sick. Falling ill when you’re not near your loved ones can be a bit challenging. Therefore knowing where healthcare are in a foreign country is important. To address this problem it is important to carry with you first aid kit. Feeling lonely in foreign nation is a common thing. This happens because of few or even null friends.   For the reader this can be very challenging but to overcome this problem create friends. Friends will keep you company and even teach some things. Losing your staff, sometimes a luggage might be forgotten in the car and get lost. It is important to name your luggage and even write your phone number in case they get lost you will be contacted, and you can get your luggage back. Delayed or missed flight is also a common problem when travelling. Nobody wants to look stranded in airport just because there has been a delayed flight or even a missed flight. To prevent such problem ensure that there is communication with the flight before and on the day of travel. Passport issues is quite another challenge. Sometimes a passport might expire and need to be renewed. The process of renewing takes time and it requires money. There it important to renew passport before it expires. A reader should research on the country he is planning to visit. This make him understand the country's laws. Understanding the laws of the nation will him to carry activities without fear of what might happen. Different nations, especially nations governed by sharia laws are very strict. There are those that don't allow alcohol, therefore if  you happen to be caught drunk or posing alcohol  you can end up being highly fined or even landing in jail. This can be a very stressful moment to a   reader. There various things that a reader should have or do when travelling abroad.

 Documents needed for travelling

They include; passport. This travel document that is given by a country to its citizens. It certifies the identity of the traveler and nationality and also the purpose of travelling. The other document that is needed is a visa. Visa is a conditional authorization given by territory to a foreigner. Forex card or foreign currency is another important thing. This will help a reader to be able to purchase using the currency of that nation. This will enable him to purchase services and also good. Travel insurance, this is an insurance that covers you in a foreign land. It is very useful because it will cover medical bills. Ensure that it is renewed and not. Air ticket, this will enable one to access travelling services. Proof of accommodation or simply hotel accommodation. This proves that upon reaching in that country, you will have a place to stay. Registering with an embassy, it is important to ensure that you've registered with the embassy of the country so that they can know that there's a citizen in that country. This is important because in case of crisis they can be able to help. Credit card should be working in the country you've visited.

Why travelling as a group is beneficial

Travel is very important especially for one’s character development. More so it exposes someone to new environment, where you experience new things. It is the best way to let people experience life in unique and different way. Travel cannot be taught, although we can learn about other people's way of life from books you can't fully have it all. This is why there is a need to travel and experience it. Travelling is road to expansion, fun and growth. When travelling abroad one can decide to travel sorrow or travel with a group of friends or even family members. It is more fun when travelling in a group of friends. There are several benefits that are experienced when travelling with friends or family members. Among them is that it strengthens friendship bonds. The relationship with family is made stronger when travelling with them. Unique moments and wonderful moments will be shared together. The moment experienced will be shared during the trip and even more many years.  Sometimes things go wrong when travelling abroad or while in the foreign land. With friends you will overcome them together and this will bring you even more closely. This will form base for lifelong friendship and can lead to many more travel adventures together. When travelling abroad one will spend many hours on a plane, boat or even train. If there is no one to talk to it can be a very long and boring experience. With friends or even family members there will be someone to talk to. This will make time more fun and enjoyable, more so when talking about the things you have done together and even the future plan of the places you intend to travel next. It is more affordable when travelling in group than alone. Booking apartment can work out much cheaper when in a group than as an individual. It is even more affordable to hire a car as a group. There is sharing of space with the friends. Things like toiletries, phone chargers, cameras or some clothes can be shared. Sharing will save you from paying extra cost to airline for having an over packed bag. Travelling with others improves safety and support.


In conclusion, travelling abroad is an experience worth it especially to the readers. They will enjoy various benefits such as; networking, appreciation of other people's culture and learn a different language. The experience abroad is worth and is remembered for life.

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