Binance and WazirXIndia announce $50M "Blockchain for India" fund!!

By Tejas19 | Crypto_ed | 17 Mar 2020

When crypto was banned in India, WazirX was one of the P2P platforms that still allowed Indians to buy crypto inspite of the ban. WazirX had been acquired by binance in Nov 2019. Recently the ban had been overturned by the supreme court and trading immediately resumed the very next day many Indian exchanges that had to shut down during the ban again started offering their services. With the positive news from the Indian crypto community many foreign exchanges are beginning to come and offer their services to tap the potential from India. Kraken being the latest exchange that are interested in offering their services to Indians.

This is very good news for the Indian blockchain community. Local start ups will now have enough funding to put their dreams into reality and help in growing the blockchain community. India boasts a lot of talented Engineers and I'm sure they would help India in reaping the benefits of blockchain technology.

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