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I you don't know what faracster frames are, let me tell you that they are an extension of the Open Graph protocol, which permits interaction with external websites/servers through posting data and rendering buttons and an image(called frame).

So, in essence, your server can know if someone clicks a button on the frame, or sends a text input, you know how they are and from what cast the action came. 

I already implemented several frames, and I intend to implement more, I think I have some open-sourced you can check my GitHub profile at:

Anyway I wanted to make this post because in my discussion with someone on Slack, I offered abundant reflections on frames, so I thought is better to add that stuff here too, and share it would the world. 

I must say frames as an implementation of embedding external applications is pretty inefficient, but I guess these days communicating through what is basically HTML header meta tags and passing images and data back that way seems something out of the years 2000 but is not, it's from 2024. 

But let's get back to what I posted on Slack, I'll copy what I was responding to also for reference so that my thoughts make sense:

Post I was responding to:


What about a Best Cross-Posted Meme of the Week contest? Could we incorporate a Frame into that somehow?


Or a Frame where you can earn $YUP by cross-posting yup content Just throwing out ideas Mint NFT frame if you did 10, and then 100 crossposts Frame that cross-posts user-generated yup content Frame that shows a crosspost leaderboard

What I responded:

Yeah, there are many ideas that would take a good amount of time to implement them...
Here are some of my thoughts on each of them:

  • The one with a leaderboard for crosspost there isn't have such functionality on the backend ( but can be added )
  • the One where you get yup if you crosspost is interesting for sure, I think is just better to reward cross-post with something like 0.2 yup(max 1 yup per day) or something per crosspost, better than the frame, I am sure that some people will crosspost for such low amounts, you cloud also reward per yup mention which is very important also( this become less relevant if watermark/auto-reply is activated for all non-premium users )
  • [ Frame that cross-posts user-generated yup content ] Share frame already does that I guess you can make a bot that replies with that frame each time it finds a yup post that does not have a parent( is not a reply)
  • [ What about a Best Cross-Posted Meme of the Week contest ] This makes sense only with text input where users would input a link to a meme image and the frame has a maximum date of collecting those memes, after that is has a closing period where it calculates which is the best ( like 3 days) then it displays winners the issue with this frame is that is very subjective mai require much manual labor to review the memes... plus if is not an effort that will commit to may end up even hurting you if you can't even keep like 10-20 events minimum
  • [ Mint NFT frame if you did 10, and then 100 crossposts ] - this is a hard yes, main reason being if you're able to set it up so that it works with websites where you create the NFT with 3 clicks and price is low or free you couple that with  the backend and you can farm engagement easily for some "shit" NFT that will have small change of becoming valuable ( like 97+% NFTs that exists according to most stats)

 You can go much crazy with this... even though most applications of frames are almost useless, even with the simple spec allows you to have an incredible amount of what you can create.

So basically if you think about it, if I can authorize myself, I can do anything like:

*   Using a frame to open my home door
*   Using a frame to flush my toilet from my phone while I'm still browsing Warpcast
*   Using a frame to detonate a drone...
*   Using a frame to execute an exploit on a contract that holds billions of $I mean you get the idea... A frame is like an API it just calls a server, and is limited to a very poor UI, the question is why not use proper UI? Well, the answer is I can advertise my service to warpcast.

So conclusion is that the only utility of frames is as an advertisement. A masked one that people don't perceive as an advertisement, but it is in effect just that. Once you only permit 2 frames per month free and after that 3$ per posted frame, you get yourself a monetization scheme. I feel that I expanded the idea so much that it can be turned into a blog article at this point LOL.   Also, another point on frames, in general, is that they can't become mainstream, because you can't moderate them, what's stops, anyone putting a frame that one day it shows a cat and the next day shows a dick, or what stops anyone creating a frame that creates a network to share illegal or pirated content, what stops anyone creating a frame to create a bulling network and so on, I mean if people are so naïve that they don't take this fact into account, I don't know what to think about farcaster other than, they do shit first and think about it later...I mean on a personal note I would want to live in a world where nothing is moderated, and bytes on a wire can never be illegal even if they have indirect consequences to real people, but we don't live in such a world we live in a world were moderation, and speech laws are mandatory for most humans that walk on this planet. 

Above this text, my response ends.

I hope this article has helped you a bit in understanding more what Faracster frames are.

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