EOS Governance - Why there should be an effort into combating scams

On the EOS blockchain, if you're a scammer you have an easy life, you can spam the blockchain with millions of spam transactions without your account being frozen, you can steal hundreds of eos accounts, and thousands and thousands of eos tokens and you have no problem. 

For example, we can visit the link if we observe the transactions every notified account present in the transaction is scammed and stolen account. 

screenshot 1

If we check this account: we can see that it ended roughly 6.5 million spam transactions to users, yet there is no action, another account we can check is this again we can see that the account stole a lot of EOS.

screenshot 2

Also, we can look at this link: and see that the scammer doesn't even bother to set a random key for each account, all stolen accounts are traceable. 

Now of course those who lost their account/EOS have their fault but isn't the same with the developers at the who wrote the vulnerable, contract that got hacked? Yet hypocritically there EOS governance had no problem intervening. 

A friend of mine made me laugh when she said: "as long as you don't steal from an exchange you are in the green."

People should not fall into such scams, but unfortunately, they do, and if you scan the blockchain and look into all those lost accounts and lost eos it amounts to vast sums of money, it could potentially be even millions if we account all the time from the inception of EOS, this does great har to EOS and that why an effort would be made to combat scammers.

A simple fix would be a smart contract at account eosio.recovery that would allow recovery using any old active owner key that's has been active since max 30 days, the criticism to such contract would be that this will make it impossible to sell accounts, but in my opinion that would be great.

First of all, accounts may be associated with DApps, thus selling accounts can lead to privacy violations since some DApps may have confidential information that can be accessed only if you are in control of the account, for me selling accounts is something that degrades the EOS experience.

I am hoping that EOS will change to not endorse scammers anymore since doing nothing when scammers are traceable on the blockchain is the same as an endorsement of scammers.

BTW if there are scammed accounts out there I can provide them with deeper details I found about the scammer maybe they contact the authorities and resolve something, I currently know that the scammer paid a company to make his website template(and I know which company), also I identified the company from which he bought the VPSs to host the scam pages I will gladly give those details to anybody who wants them. Unfortunately, the scammer may be from China since on the VPS I found some HTTP response body in Chinese.

If you're an EOS user and you agree with me you should demand change, and maybe the community will listen to you, until then stay safe and try to not fall prey to such scams.

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