Banano vs. Treos on Uptrennd: grab your share of 100k BANANO by voting!

By Marior | Crypto Economics | 25 Feb 2020

Banano and Treos are competing on the platform Uptrennd to win a free marketing package from the website


The two cryptocurrencies have already won their repective selections rounds, and they are now racing to the last vote, as currently their percentages are 50,06% against 49,94%


The Banano community has offered a giveaway to those who vote for them, and Trezos CEO, Daniel Spiteri, has posted a wholesome comment about how this race is good for both cryptos, also hinting at some collaboration between them. Bantano, a developer for BANANO, has told him that the cryptos have common characteristics, and that they are open to collaborations.




No matter the winner, both cryptos will surely benefit from the extra exposure this race is giving them.


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Crypto Economics

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