MarbleCards Meme Markets - What will they think of next?!

By Smeedance | Crypto Earning Games | 7 Feb 2021

Meme Markets Launched

MarbleCards has just launched first of its kind experimental Meme Markets with users able to buy into mDoge, mPepe, and mHarold using Marblecoin (MBC). The market combines memes and crypto and rewards people for predicting and contributing to internet culture.

But How Does It Work?

When you buy into a market, you receive a ”memetic asset” (mCoin) representing your stake in that market.

The price is decided by a bonding curve (simulated in a spreadsheet). This test will run for 1 week.

After this week, holders of the mCoins will be rewarded based on:
1. The relative rank of the market, compared to the other markets using the popularity score. The popularity score is based on engagement of the meme on the internet during the two weeks.
2. The result from the #HaroldVSPepeVSDoge arena. The result be based on the top 30 cards.

Rewards, including fees from all mCoins, will be distributed among those that still own coins in the market. Rewards include all trading fees + bonus MBC. It will be distributed so that best meme market get 50%, second 30% and third 20%.

What Else Is Happening In MarbleCards?

As well as the Meme Markets, new MarbleCards users can create 5 free cards until the 14th of February. There are also airdrops happening in the Discord, and crypto and NFTs up for grabs for voting in the Arenas.


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