Breakup depression

By Ayesha Malik | Writer Ayesha | 6 May 2021

Break up depression 💔

After getting injury; economic loss one may get recover shortly but coping with breakup stress is one of intolerable and psychologist term it stressful depression; calm down you can recover it rapidly if you have motivation and assistance of angel-like me😄 let's see what are the symptoms;

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Hopeless perceptions; you may contemplate that you don't have the motivation to live more life;

Loss of appetite, or you may eat more in stress

Recalling the memories and getting hurt by flashback

May considering yourself as useless

Gain or loss of weight due to anxiety

Wakefulness or insomnia

Misbehaving and lashing out

Uncontrolled mood swing

Your heart may be filled with sadness and you want to cry louder but your tears melting down into your through(it's my perception)

Inadequacy of energy 

Speculating more about suicide

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The cognitive fixture is being associated with the loved one and psychologically it's not feasible to suppress all the thoughts that keep on prevailing in your mind when you're in relation. A specific hormone we call Oxytocin is discharged which stimulates the arousal of such feelings which we generally term as the impression of love. now when all the stuff is ended up the secretion of another hormone from the pituitary gland continues which causes mood swings; I males testosterone is secreted which will enhance aggression feelings and suicide.No more causes discussion as you all know very well, let's move to solution;

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A psychologist may recommend you complete therapy and you may have to remain in this state from a week to about 3 months but there are several ways through which you can battle very well this state of depression and sadness following steps are needed;

Take good maintenance of your health; don't pressurize yourself much about break-ups try to shuffle them by investing time in self-care.

Uncover out some spiritual stuff through which you can dig through the answers to your questions regarding the purpose of your life.

Find out the little happiness; observe the blessings you have.

Investing time in a book reading or discovering another hobby will assist you a lot to battle this hard time.

Try to reconnect with your friends whom you have forgotten in this love of new one 😂

Challenge yourself that you are precious even if the one remains in your life or vacates.

Note; I am not a psychiatrist either but I have assisted many to battle this breakup depression. Remember sharing happiness and delight is crucial; try to assist all those who are tolerating this harsh time as one is broken for once.

neither I have tackled it nor I have any intention to get indulge in it rather I shared my thoughts in the general form. Dont attempt to abuse anyone through your words.

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