Do you know all about EPNS - who has launched push notifications on all new web 3.0?

By Ashish Gupta | CryptoDossier | 13 Jan 2022

EPNS has become live on main net since January 12, 2022 and is gaining visibility for all the good reasons. It is built on Ethereum blockchain allowing users to receive notifications for on-chain and off-chain activities. If you want more information on EPNS project ranging from EPNS roles, architecture, its tokenomics, features of its token etc., watch this short video.

I have covered details on why Decentralized Web 3.0 has gained momentum over web 2.0 and how EPNS has utilized this newer platform 3.0 to launch all new decentralized notification system. Notably, with this launch EPNS becomes lead in the industry- the first one to launch enhanced decentralized push notifications.

Video Timestamp Index:

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Web 2.0 Push Notifications
02:21 What is EPNS?
03:27 EPNS Roles
05:02 EPNS Network
06:19 EPNS Architecture
08:01 EPNS Tokenomics

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Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta

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Passionate about Blockchain Technology... Spreading insights on the same via videos, blogs and communication campaigns...

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