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Crypto Panic, the best news source for Crypto

By Squeaker | Crypto Dog | 7 Mar 2021

"News aggregator platform indicating impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts."

Crypto Panic is hands down the best news source for crypto I've ever found. It's just perfect!  Easy to use and especially super useful features. I love the interface as well, it seems a little scary at first but it's actually super simple and you kinda feel like a crazy hacker when you open your laptop in Starbucks 😅

Crypto Panic is a news aggregator, meaning it's an website/app "that collects content from various sources and presents them in one location for easy viewing." And it does it's job exceptionally well! You can literally anything being posted that refers to crypto (yes you got it, even the dankest memes).

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Now, before you go to comment section saying how annoying getting an instant influx of bullshit news isn't useful, Crypto Panic has a little trick up it's sleeve. To use the platform, you don't need an account but having one allows you to upvote, downvote, comment, award, etc... (a little like reddit) meaning that only relevant news comes up. You even have a similar 'karma' system. Of course you have an option to "show all" but by default, only the highest quality curated topics appear. In addition, you can have some pretty interesting conversations in the comments !!

Now that I think of it, it's kinda like a crypto reddit, only with less memes...

The search function is also quite powerful, especially when you want news about a specific crypto.

Anyways it's definitely worth a look at with the many features it presents, like polls and portfolio tracking and apparently has very good dev support if that's your thing.  They also have a pro version for 9$ a month but to be honest I don't really understand why you would need it unless your a super personalised crazy RSS feed nerd... 👀




Honestly go check it out, it's definitely a game changer once you start using it !!


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