Super Faucets : A list of the best of the best faucets. Have you used any of these?

By DeeDeVille | Dee's Crypto Ditties | 12 Nov 2020

Super faucets? Well, that's the bookmark folder name i gave to some incredible faucets I use daily, lel. These are not new actually, I have seen other authors post it a couple times but not in an exhaustive list as I wished, so I will link them all here, if i miss a good one, let me know.

First of all though, honestly speaking, I joined Publish0x because of the tips. It is a very nice and interesting feature and quite appealing to many.

However, after having used the platform for a few months, I have come to realise that the plethora of articles on Publish0x is so valuable that it has helped me increase my own profits. It did not only give me tips, it helped me understand more and more about many things that I think I already knew, and is introducing me to new things every now and then.

Now, by sheer luck, I have joined the authors and will use it solely for my personal blogging. Having said that, I hope I can be of help to anyone else reading.

Onto the faucets, I'm not going to include FaucetPay and Coinpot faucets. Hmm, should prolly do a this in the future... Anyhow! Here's the list;

1. Globalhive

Coin : ZEC

Frequency : Daily

Extra Rewards : Link social media accounts (acts as a multiplier), use the Brave browser for 10x bonus, consecutive daily login, referral bonus. 

Sign up here : Globalhive Faucet

2. Horizen

Coin : ZEN

Frequency : Daily

Extra Rewards : Playing games, linking social media accounts (acts as a multiplier), using the Brave browser, HODL bonus (verifying your wallet), consecutive logins, referral bonus. 

Sign up here : Horizen Faucet

3. Pipeflare

Coin : ZEC, PIVX, DASH, DOGE, FLR (a native token)

Frequency : Daily

Extra Rewards : Playing games, linking social media accounts (acts as a multiplier), using the Brave browser, consecutive logins, referral bonus. 

Sign up here : Pipeflare Faucet

4. Gridcoin

Coin : GRC

Frequency : Daily

Use here : Gridcoin Switzerland

5. SYSCOIN PoW Faucet

Coin : SYS

Frequency : Daily

Use here : Syscoin PoW Faucet

6. MonkeyTalks

Coin : BAN

Frequency : Daily

Use here : MonkeyTalks Banano Faucet

7. Atomars

Coin : ADM, BAN, DYT, etc. (varies)

Frequency : 1 hr to 24 hrs (varies)

Use here : Atomars Free Coins

8. Exchanging CC

Coin : DOGE

Frequency : 1 hr

Use here : Doge Faucet

That's it for now, this is my first post, I really wish to see how it goes hahahah. Good day!!

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