Is Ethereum the future of Cryptocurrency?
Is Ethereum the future of Cryptocurrency?

By jordanjnr | Crypto Digest | 6 Dec 2019

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Ethereum is one of the greatest ideas ever imagined,and one or the best uses or a blockchain I've ever seen.

It introduced smart contracts which are simply contracts that execute themselves.

It also allows for the development of apps on its blockchain. These apps are called Dapps or Decentralised apps.

All these features make ethereum a nice addition to any growing portfolio.

But could Ethereum be the future of Cryptocurrencies?

Yes,and no.

Why yes?

There are so many amazing uses of Blockchain technology(I talked about that here) and the Ethereum Blockchain is one of the most robust Blockchains you could find in the Crypto world.

If you read my article linked above,you'd see that most of the uses of Blockchains I listed there are tailored specifically towards the ethereum blockchain.

These operations would be impossible without the blockchain.

And this makes ethereum a very important part of the future of Cryptocurrencies.

And that brings me to Ether.

Ether is on it's way to become the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market.

Ether is the native token used on the ethereum blockchain.

It is used to pay for services,and is also rewarded to miners.

With more and more transactions taking place on the ethereum blockchain,the price of Ether would be on the rise. And it would do that very fast.

This would lead to greater value placed on the token itself,leading to growth and expansion of the blockchain.

Why no?

Ethereums blockchain can be used for a great many things.

But payments isn't one of its strong suits.

In fact, there is an error in 1 out if 10 smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Imagine if that contract was to send 100ETH to someone.

That would be a bummer for the recepient,as well as the sender.

This very reason alone makes it difficult to see Ethereum as the future of all cryptocurrencies.

Not because it isn't capable.

But because of the issues with its smart contracts.

But with time,these issues would be ironed out.

But for now, ethereum is not an all rounder in the Crypto sphere.

This post took a lot of research and time to out together. It'd be great if you could leave a tip by using the tip slider down below. Thanks.


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