Best exchanges with great trading platforms for pro crypto traders
Best exchanges with great trading platforms for pro crypto traders

By jordanjnr | Crypto Digest | 8 Dec 2019

This post took quite some time and effort to put together. I'd love a tip and follow to encourage my work. Cheers!

I would like to state for the record that of all the exchanges I will list here,I have used 2 out of 3, all of which served me the best for my personal use case.

I would write about why I used each exchange,and what use cases could warrant you to use these exchanges,so you have a better understanding of what each exchange is great at.

Also,I have included 2 exchanges for not-so-pro traders(like myself,although I can do some pro things too😁).


Lets get started!


You can't talk about pro trading exchanges without mentioning Binance! Binance is,in my opinion the best mix of simplicity and powerful features. There is a crazy amount of indicators that you can apply directly on the Binance platform(some are even available on mobile!) and Binance is one of the few exchanges to offer margin trading on cryptocurrencies. This will aid pro traders who know what they're doing.

Also,there are many charting features including options to draw trend lines and channels right on the chart(not available on mobile unfortunately) and also to color code the candles to your liking.

You also get candle graphs,line graphs and very surprisingly bar graphs(which I believe are a little worse off than candle graphs).

You can also use Binance without KYC,although KYC unlocks certain features. Also, there's a really helpful support bot which will support you if you have any problems,though I doubt you would.

Also,with some of the lowest fees on the market(0.1% maker and taker,3.5% credit card deposits,0.0005BTC fixed send fee)you can be rest assured that your profits won't be eaten up by fees(great for swing and day traders).

Binance also has SO MANY trading pairs available,some of which you will never use. They also host almost all the coins you know,and offer ICOs directly from the site and app,so you can partake in ICOs you feel are relevant.

I used Binance when I wanted to upgrade from my former exchange due to falling trading volumes. The trading volume of Binance easily outmatched my previous exchange  by 1.2x!

Binance fits intermediate to pro crypto traders looking for a low fee,low fuss platform with some pretty good security measures and probably the highest trading volume on the market.

Sign up or download the app here if you haven't already.



Kraken is only beaten by Binance in my opinion by it's annoying lack of a mobile platform.

Kraken offers everything that Binance offers,but adds 500:1 leverage trading and even lower fees than Binance with no maker fee.

Security us also very tight,with 2FA,passwords and lock ups everywhere you turn.

Kraken is also a little more advanced than Binance,adding in more indicators and more customisation options. It also has a much better customer service section in my opinion,and while you can trade without KYC,you're limited to a lot of restrictions,especially on deposits and withdrawals.

You also can't trade more than 50BTC on the site unless you're level 3 verified,which is a big bummer.

Other than that,Kraken is a very good platform for intermediate level to pro level traders.

I used Kraken because I needed a place where I could buy XRP without trading it against BTC(as I was still learning trading pairs workings back then).

Kraken can be used by Beginner traders also in it's simplified view,although if you don't know anything about trading,I won't recommend it at all.

Sign up here if you haven't already.



We all know Coinbase as an instant buy and sell option. 

But GDAX is one of Coinbases' best creations.

It's a professional grade trading platform where you can carry out trades with all the crypto you purchased on their instant buy and sell platform.

The fees here are lower than those on the instant buy and sell platform,and you also get advanced charting tools and the likes.

Security is also very tight,although KYC is required to be able to do anything.

Also,if you buy a cryptocurrency from the instant buy and sell part,transferring it to your GDAX wallet is absolutely free. There are no transaction fees whatsoever in it,which makes it a nice offering if you just want to test out the platform.

It really isn't suited for stark beginners,but if you're clever you can find your way around the platform.

I haven't used Coinbase or it's GDAX platform yet,but I will try it out once I have a need to.

Sign up here.



Luno is probably one of the best instant buy and sell options,with only 3 steps required to buy and sell any cryptocurrency they offer.

There is minimal KYC (you only need to verify your phone number to start) and the fees are reasonable (2% instant buy and sell Vs 4% on Coinbase)

Recently,Luno added an exchange to their site. The exchange is extremely beginner friendly and offers all the tools you need in easy to view places. There are no crazy charting options and whatnot,which just leads me to believe that this platform is geared towards beginners more.

The only downside is the availability of 7 trading pairs only:

BTC/your local currency





BCH/Your local currency

ETH/your local currency

Comparing this to over 63000 on Binance won't be too fair,considering who Luno is aimed at.

Sign up here.

That's it for my guide!

Thanks for stopping by.

This post took quite some time and effort to put together. I'd love a tip and follow to encourage my work. Cheers!


Hello! I am a Blockchain enthusiast,bitcoin investor,CEO of BigTycoon group and I love crypto! Hit me up @TycoontechBlog on twitter!

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