ITALY in Red Zone Again and total lockdown for 20 days

By willy39 | Crypto daily news | 13 Mar 2021

Oh my God Not again !!!! 

the prime Minister Draghi has declared italy is red Zone again in most of Italy Except Sardignia Island 

that Desicion remind me with last year when they told us only 2 weeks and we stayed more than 2 month ( 80 days ) at home you can't move out of area except you are going to hospital or going to work ( which in this case not exsit ) in Rome more than 1100 hotels are closed of 1200 / transportation -bars -resturants and other activities is closed and millions of people since almost a years  now is without work 

so everything will be shut down schools - resturants ( except for delivery) - bars . shopping mall will be closed despite that Italy a big delay in vaccinating the citizien here . the economy already made last year 0% growth and they use all the AID from the EU for helping people to live 

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