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Is it the time For Turkey to stop their foreign policy

By willy39 | Crypto daily news | 13 Mar 2021

one of the news that  i read about now that Turkey want to start full deplomatic communications with Egypt 

as delcared from the Egyptian intellegenice autorithy they got the call FromTurkey  to start all economy and pollitical and dipolomatic relation ship as before 2013 and Egypt promise to answer them soon for that propsal 

2013 Sinsce the Egyptian people went out on the street again forthe second time in 2 years refusing the Islamic party and their perseident 

Turkey considered that is Coup and organized by the Egyptian military so they start attack Egypt all the time . and arrived that Turkey made agreetment with the EX Liyban government to put their troops in Libia which Egypt considered is big thearten for the home land security and they declare Red line that the Turkish troops should not pass this line - the turkish tried many times to bulid airdefense missile but in the same day was destroyed by unknow flighter flight!!! 

also Turkey didn't agree about the GAS agreement between Egypt and Greece and once they put their war ship in the water the Turkish get warrned from both Egypt an EU 

return back to the news but why now they want restablish a communiation with Egypt ? 

the secret is the economy !! have t look at the inflation 


the Turkish Economy after the American punishment made by Trump their Turkish Lira went down almost lost 30% of it's Value which was heavy on the economy + Corona Virus which delay most of the international economy globaly 

so Egypt is the Key to reach also the other countries like Sudan - SaudiaArabia- Emirates and the rest of the arbian Gulf 


source for the news from BBC 


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