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By Ginae B. McDonald | Crypto Current's | 15 Sep 2021

I've experienced some hiccups and flat out stank burps, trying to travail these sites. Inspired by the writing's of other faucet users and stakers, it has been fun exploring those worlds.

However. It hasn't always been a constant fart in the park with ensuing rainbow trails. It just hasn't.

Most of them stop operations anyway. It's always the unique ones that you really enjoy and can be excited about. Gone.

My recent experience is with I lost my mobile phone a few months ago and am using a cheap LG Android to pick up the pieces. If you've ever endeavored this, you know of that which I speak.

In the past, when I have lost mobile phones, it was easy to get back into Graviex. You could click on your name and go to your profile, settings, API's, etc. Now, you cannot.

So, I hit up technical support. Cordial. But, useless.

So, I return to Internet research and learn that it's possible to do as I wish, if I were to download the Graviex app. So, I do. It's of no assistance at all.

Graviex Document

Then, I learn that it could be helpful if I install Authy on my desktop. It was to no avail.

Me, groaning....

Hence, I abandon any crypto accruals and the possibility of future accruals.

Frustration Memes

"Another one bites the dust!"

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