Chiko Roko Expo Token is FREE and SWEET Throughout March

By Ginae B. McDonald | Crypto Current's | 14 Mar 2022

Hello all!

I have no idea whereupon this link originally came to me.  But, thank you!  Whomever you may be.

I've pretty much thrown every piece of germane information into the title.  However, I'll expand a bit.

So far, I've only been able to secure 4 of these beauties.  Shame, really.  They are pleasing to view, artistic (says so, right there on the page) and free!!!!!!!!!!!

Was there a mention for the fact that I have received 1 rare image/NFT?  Yes!  That's him.  Attached to this missive.  Well, shoot.  Unable to do so in this manner.  I will find another way.

Today, I received the Gift of Zimbabwe.  Lovin' it.  Where's yours?

About the gift

In the multicolored design of the figure is easy to recognize the national flag of Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean bird is a bird-shaped statuette, a green soapstone sculpture, the national emblem of Zimbabwe, depicted on the coat of arms, flag, and coins of Zimbabwe. And the pattern in the center is inspired by fabrics often used in national clothing.

Did you go and get one because of this message?

Better yet, perhaps, you will consider this:

Become a partner

We are delighted to collaborate with partners, brands and ambassadors.

Our mission is to support art, creativity, sports, friendly communities and unite people together with our digital gifts.

If you resonate with our vision and want to be a part of our history, please fill the form...


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