How I got started with crypto

By Diabeeton | Crypto currency stuff | 17 Sep 2020

Hello all hope u are all okay.

Today I will be talking about how I got started with crypto.

So I'm 18 years old now and always knew I should invest money but only really saw that as investments into stocks and ETFs. But I never knew about crypto I heard about bitcoin obviously but that's all I really knew and I didn't understand it. And I would always look at the stock prices on trading 212 when I was in college not really understanding it I just had it. But I got into crypto accidentally I was on Google play and accidentally downloaded a app called cryptopop a game that pays you Ethereum for playing and I had no idea what that was I was just playing the game and ill be honest it was pretty boring but I still played it and I saw the wallet section and thought ah this is probably a scam but fuck it I'll download this coinbase app it kept telling me to get and  link it to the game. So basically that's how it started I cashed out my 30 pence worth of Eth from the app and realised I could get free crypto on coinbase learn and earn. So that's the story of how I was accidentally introduced into crypto currency.

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Crypto currency stuff
Crypto currency stuff

What I'm doing with crypto

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