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By mr_tj81 | crypto compass | 9 Apr 2021

You know, blockchain looks very similar to the beginning of the internet in 96-97. I’ve signed up to EasyMiner and added an LTC wallet address that was following the old format.

LTC wallets change the address format and I have entered an old one and now I need to open a support ticket to change that. To open a ticket I need to pay... in donations!

Well, let us pay then, how do I become a customer? Donationware!

With Donationware I’m not a customer, they have no obligation or commercial entanglement because I’m just a donor. I feel like they are trying to avoid paying any profit tax because this is in fact a pro-profit initiative that seems legit but without a company number, generating crypto-currency from people’s processing power.

There is no reason for them to ask for a donation, this is considered illegal actually. It looks like those churches that will only listen to you if you donate something (or it looks like a Brian Rose campaign in the UK).

And yes, this looks like the beginning of the internet when to-be-large companies had a very shady presence in the beginning and they didn’t transmit professionality and care, only innovation at all costs and if you don’t understand the system’s limitations... you will pay.

In the case of EasyMiner I had to pay 50 dollars to fix my wallet and yet I would make around 6 cents in profits after one year of mining.

Yeah, laugh all you want but my hashing power is minimal, of course, I’m learning this mining thing and I won’t buy an Antminer out of the bat like that… I will test different alternatives of processing and mining and I will make a note of what is good and bad.

I’m sure you will understand, I don’t want to simply believe in YouTubers and bloggers, I need to know exactly how much I’m going to make from mining with a simple home computer. If someone says “you don’t make much off of it” I need to know the percentage I will make in return for that. Really, who believes in these YouTubers anyway, the best ones are always under viewed and undervalued.

I will carry on in my search for the perfect mining setup without spending 15k in ready-made mining rigs, which I’m sure are great but since I don’t want to invest that much… I will just keep trying different approaches.

This Donationware is terrible and when blockchain becomes regulated (like the internet was) these services will go away, so be careful not to leave too much money in there… it won’t last long.


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