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What is Pipeflare?

Pipeflare is the next generation of the Gaming Community and their whole structure is based on to support the gaming community and creators. This is a great way to earn 1FLR token, the native cryptocurrency of the Pipeflare Community. 

How does 1FLR work?

1FLR is the native token of Pipeflare Community, which works on the Polygon Network. I personally like the Polygon Network a lot, because it's fast and secure and as an Indian, I support it because it was originated in India, but that's a personal opinion, never mind that. There are many utilities of using Polygon Network, but that's for another day.

Price of 1FLR token?

Right now, 1FLR token value is $0.0012, but that can be changed dramatically in this decade because of the boom in the gaming industry. This is just like a Doge coin price, several years back. But compared to Dogecoin, it has much more utility. 

With the growing community, I can see the price of $1 in the next one year.

Should we invest?

Well, I personally don't give advice on these matters, because I too have lost money because of my predictions. If you ask for recommendation, then I totally support 1FLR community because they are growing very quickly and also giving out free stuffs and airdrops as a gift for our loyalty.

Free Zcash and MATIC with 1FLR tokens

I have been with Pipeflare for last one year, I have got 600 Doges when it was not going to moon and there was no Doge father to support it. Though they have closed their Doge faucet now, but I also think that Doge has no utility, but it will surely go to the moon.

Right now, they are giving Z cash and MATIC for free, you should definitely join and get some free stuff.

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Pipeflare = Join the fastest growing gaming community


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