Collider v1.7.1 Released: The Hour Of Power

By Crypto-Collider | Crypto Collider | 29 Mar 2021

Hey Everyone,

The new version of Collider (1.7.1) has been released!

Titled "The Hour Of Power" this update brings many small tweaks aimed at allowing easier understanding by new players, and so the interface can accommodate a much higher total number of players (and balls) in a single game (40+). 

The "Hour Of Power" promotion also introduces a special weekly promotion where for 1 hour each week (currently set at Saturdays 6pm UTC) all bonus points will be at least doubled for games played within that hour. Its hoped this will create a consistent time each week where there is a higher number of players and act as an on-going stress-test of progressive intensity.

To further encourage growth and a concentration of players at one time, there will be prizes awarded to the players in the games that first reach the following community achievements:

  • 20+ Players in a single game: Each player in first 20+ player game receives 100clc each
  • 40+ Players in a single game: Each player in first 40+ player game receives 100clc each
    And biggest loser of the first 40+ game wins at extra 1000clc
  • 80+ Players in a single game: Each player in game receives 100clc each
    And 9 Day Long Tournament will commence within 45 Days of the 80+ Players achievement!

Version 1.7.1 is also setup for the fast addition of up to 4 leading Komodo Community project coins based on the KMD smart chain architecture. Stay watching for them in game very soon! 

Full list of updates in 1.7.1 include...

  • Now only in-game coin tabs are visible for coins that player has enough balance to throw (so interface is cleaner especially for new players)
    *CLC and KMD are always visible by default
  • Addition of 'Add Coin' in-game tab that controls the addition and remove of coin tabs to the players choice
  • In-game "frame counter" now switched to show seconds by default
  • Leader-board throw stats now expressed at percentages instead of raw numbers 
  • Main Game status message updates now allowing more time to read each message 
  • Presets box now includes "Max 1 throw for every 3 seconds" message when fired (explaining the 3-2-1 countdown)
  • Clicking/pressing on account log entry in account panel will copy the associated TXID into users clipboard
  • In-game scoreboard now appears automatically after all of a players own coins have dropped into a hole/had result
  • In-game hole info now displaying info for only top 22 coins by value into that hole (so the display is not over filled in large games)
  • Game player info in game navigation screen now has in brackets the total number of players in that game (and only displays the top 20 players by input value so its not over filled in large games) 
  • Android version updated to latest v1.7.1

Thanks for the support to all players and followers, watch out for next big release v1.8 that will include first public beta of Challenge educational game and full v2 whitepaper for the entire system!



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