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By Crypto-Collider | Crypto Collider | 24 Feb 2021

Hey Everybody,

There's frequently a lot of questions about Collider Coin's distribution, features & benefits etc and while all that info is available across the website and previous blog posts, I thought I'd collate all the data together here in a single Collider Coin Tokenomics Post!

Introduction / Overview

Collider Coins are the community rewards and native game play token of Crypto Collider; they drive Collider's user engagement & decentralisation.

Members earn Collider Coins through securing the Collider Chain via POW mining and by redeeming game points awarded for contributions to the system including playing and watching games to completion. 

The Most Powerful In-game Item

Collider Coin's are the most uniquely powerful in-game token within the Asset Trading Arena.

When played they have highest in-game weight (heavy physics) to diameter ratio and other distinct game influencing properties including the unique ability to never be lost (or generate profit directly), but can still be used to generate (and sometimes lose) game points.

Payout Generation

Collider Coins in total and represent 100% of game fees, which paid at the confirmation of each game to all holders evenly by CLC amount they hold in their Collider Wallet.

Typically payouts have provided modest but persistent value generation equaling roughly ~0.1% of total game volume.

This provides Collider Coin's a minimum long term value that is supplemental to their superior in-game function and supportive of their primary goal to create the greatest user opportunity, engagement and decentralisation possible.

The minimum amount of Collider Coin required to begin generating payouts is 1/1000000th of the total or 100 CLC.
To date the coin payouts generated from holding the minimum amount of 100 Collider Coins from creation is

block   0.000002509756
btc       0.000001823038
dgb      0.00035466254
doge    2.34348003766
dash     0.000013985375
eth       0.000000456724
hns      0.000161965902
kmd     0.000441123399
ltc        0.000090519075
nxt       0.014136565693
pot      0.023234263612
ppc      0.00027619166
rdd      51.370520575222
rvn       0.001586325468
vtc       0.001110183497
wdc     0.461576301543
xcp      0.000000583088
xhv      0.000000688869
xpm     0.003174767776

Total Value generated by 100 CLC at publication: $0.53525 
Total Value generated by ALL CLC at publication: $535,524.68

Mining with Proof-Of-Work

Collider Coin has its own independent blockchain built using the Komodo Platform, it runs on EquiHash, is currently 100% POW (era1) and has rewards emission schedule as below...

There will be 3era's of miner block rewards as defined here, era1 will have 2cc per block rewarded, era2 1cc per block rewarded and the final era will have .25cc rewarded indefinitely. The era specifics are detailed below...
miner total rewards = 259,200clc
*rewarded for points = up to 259,200clc
miner total rewards = 129,600clc
*rewarded for points = 129,600clc
miner total rewards = 131,400clc per yr
*rewarded for points = 131,400clc per yr

In summery this will equate to:
First 6m inflation: 777,600cc ~ .7776% / ~8% circ supply
First 1yr inflation: 910,800cc ~ .9108% / ~%9 circ supply
Second Yr inflation: 262,800cc ~ .2628% / ~0.5-2% circ supply

*Mining with Game Points

A larger amount of clc is available to community members to earn by interacting with the games & tools in a number of ways including contributing content, generating game inputs (playing) and confirming game results (watching). These contributions are rewarded with 'points' that can then be swapped for collider coins at a ratio set to the collider chain's block height (so collider coins become slowly more expensive in points value). The amount of cc allocated to 'points mining' is equal to the miner rewards plus an additional 10,000,000 (~10% of total cc supply) for each major game version release up to version 3 (ie. up to 10m during v1, up to 20m during v2 and up to 30m during v3). The points also have other utility including being used to earn top ten player rewards (equivalent to holding ~18% of total Collider Coins across entire top ten) and unlocking extra features and abilities within the games (ie. not all points will be swapped for clc).

Non-circulating supply - Currently ~90% of total

Mined Collider Coins constitute the 'Circulating Supply' which may be traded between players and represents Collider's state of decentralisation. The details of the non-circulating supply have remain almost entirely unchanged from the initial release of Collider V1.0; those details are summarised below...

Top Ten Players (ranked by points holding)
1st. 4,500,000 
2nd. 3,600,000
3rd. 2,700,000
4th. 1,800,000
5th-10th. 900,000
~18% of total supply

Other balances

  • 33,000,000** - ColliderCoin Lead Developer / Game Runner / Admin
  • 17,100,000**- ColliderCoin Second in Charge / Customer Support / Human Resources 
  • 1,980,000 - ColliderCoin Seed Investors (Friends & Family) 
    ~52.08% of total supply

**up to 100,000 / 10,000,000 from Lead developer and/or 2IC balances are possible for private sale and/or allocation to potential new partnerships. This will be under special conditions of unique and significant contribution from the new holder(s) and that any allocation remains non-circulating until release of 30%+ of total supply into circulation via points and/or mining).
Remaining 28.92% of total supply reserved For Points distribution
10,000,000 are On offer now for points swapping as of Collider V1.7 (7,500,000 have been distributed as of publication)
Remaining Reserved for Future Points Based Distribution of up to 10,000,000 per major Collider version (10,000,000 currently released)
The final release for points swapping at completion of version 3 will be ~28.92% of total initial supply; then supplemented with block generation rewards that will increase total circulating supply by an additional ~1.17% by the end of year two from chain launch and take Collider past the original target of over 30% circulating supply. 


Distribution of Balances between Players mining via points for the first 7,500,000 CLC

The first 7,500,000 CLC mined via game points has a distribution presented visually as follows...


At publication points mined CLC covers over 97% of the circulating supply.

Special Conditions and Targets for the transition to full decentralisation and removal of non-circulating supply restrictions
The restrictions on special allocations of Collider Coin, ie. the non-circulating supply, are not designed to be in place forever but instead to work as insurance and motivation to achieve full decentralisation indicated by the following significant goals & targets when they may be 'unlocked'.
The final conditions required for all non-circulating supply to be unlocked are:

  • Over 29% of total supply is circulating supply (ie. has been released via block and/or points mining)    
  • Game volume value is over $500,000 USD per day averaged over last 30 days
  • Collider Coin total supply valuation is over $20,000,000 USD averaged over last 30 days
  • Collider Coin circulating supply trading volume is over $5,000 USD per day averaged over last 30 days
  • Major Version 3 has been released with community governance features enabled

At the point these conditions are met the following may happen under final approval via community governance:

  • Up to 50% but no less than 25% of non-circulating supply balances will the allocated to a new independent and community governed third party tasked with using these balances to support operation and promote growth of Crypto Collider (ie. a Collider Foundation with on-chain treasury). 
  • The 'foundation treasury' will then be administered via the version 3 governance features (approx 17.5% to 35% of total supply; meaning at least this much will be maintained non-circulating indefinitely)
  • All remaining balances will then be part of the circulating supply (minus top ten player rewards & foundation treasury as decided by community governance)               

In summary if these targets are met Collider Coin holders can be assured an evaluation of at least .20c per CLC and this must be obtained before any of the non-mined / non-circulating supply may be released to the market.     

What Collider Coins are NOT

● CLC are not shares in a company

● CLC are not a financial product
They are the native token of an experimental software system & the community that supports it

● CLC are not advertised for investment

● CLC are not for sale / not an ICO
Collider Coin pre-dates ICO's and did not observe the 'ICO Model' as necessarily beneficial to our users.

● CLC are not an easy way to get rich of passive income
Collider Coins power is in their usefulness, please do not obtain CLC for the primary purpose of passive income; Collider is designed to reward activity not passivity

● CLC are not a Gambling Token
Collider's Trading Arena is a strategic, deterministic, game-a-fied trading system not a Casino Game

Collider Coins ARE a powerful tool to connect with the system, improve your game results, help the community grow, keep results secure & be rewarded for your contributions

Future Scalability

The implementation of full decentralisation, multiple games for different player types (beginner/expert) and Collider Wallet with built in DEX trading will enable Collider to scale to 100x or more times larger by providing genuine utility and entertainment to the new generation of crypto enthusiasts.

There are no guarantees, the path to the targets laid out is a challenging one, but now is your opportunity to become part of an amazing story still at a very early stage. 

To contact the community and find out more please visit... 



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