Town star may mayhem

May Mayhem on Gala giving away $2 million!!

By Toadsticker | Crypto Collector | 3 May 2022

May is your chance to get in on a lot of prizes from Gala Games.

The flagship game being Town Star where you can earn the in-game TOWN coin, and exchange it for GALA's among other coins.

Gala has a weekly contest paying the top 2000 places with the last place getting $50 while top prize is $15k.

Along with the weekly contests, during the month of May they will also be paying the play to earn (P2E) players. The month will be divided up into 2 - 14 day segments with a live steam after each giving away a $200,000 prize pool.

If you have heard of Town Star it has been created by some of the same people who created farmville on Facebook. It is a sim with many different economies to build and try to outdo the other players.

You can play for free or buy NFT's on open sea to up your abilities

If you want to give it a try hit my referral link: LINK   



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Crypto Collector

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